It’s time for a Hobbii Yarn Review fellow yarn enthusiasts! Today I want to tell you all about my love for Hobbii yarn! Those of you who have made things from my patterns, watched my videos, or shopped in my shop know that I used Hobbii yarn frequently and enthusiastically. It is so much fun to use, so pretty, and they have a huge variety. Plus, it satisfies my love of bright colors in a big way! All of the folks at Hobbii are wonderful to work with and I just enjoy them so much!

Hobbii Yarn Review

For this yarn review, I though the best way to showcase what yarns I love best was to pull together my favorite designs I’ve made with Hobbii yarn. So let’s check it out, shall we?

Disclosure: All yarn used for projects in this post was gifted to me from Hobbii. All opinions are my own.

#1 Hurricane

The first yarn I want to show you is called Hurricane (shown here in the “Summer” colorway). I used this for my Art Class Cardi pattern, and it has been a very popular pattern on the Fiber Flux blog and channel, and a #1 seller in my Etsy shop too!

Art Class Cardi Pattern

This yarn can be found on the Hobbii Site HERE, it comes in many colors, my favorite is the self striping one used above, full of happy colors and it worked for my granny stitches beautifully.

Hobbii Yarn Review

#2 Colorina

The next yarn that is enjoyed is called Colorina (shown below in the “Happy Moment” colorway). I used this one for my Azalea Patch Shawl, a granny triangle shawl. I especially loved the softness of the yarn and gentle color changes as it moved through the vibrant pinks and lavender.

Azalea Patch Pattern

Hobbii Yarn Review

#3 Universe

The next yarn is one of my most favorite yarns in this lineup! Universe (shown below in the “Galactic” colorway) is just so beautiful! Gorgeous colors show off any design and the tiny silver flecks just make it that much more special!

I used this one for my Across the Universe Cowl and the colors show off the stitches perfectly!

Hobbii Yarn Review

#4 Fluffy Day XL & Diablo Glitter

Next up is actually two yarns in one! When I created my Snow Flurries Cowl, I wanted to have both a fuzzy, super cozy feel, but also add a little sparkle for some elegance too! To achieve this, I used Fluffy Day XL (shown in “Gray”) for the thicker cozier yarn. I held another glittery strand throughout called Diablo Glitter (shown in “Silver Glitter”) that gave it just a touch of sparkle! The result was a soft and fuzzy cowl without any scratchiness that metallic yarn sometimes has. Fun and super snuggly too!

Hobbii Yarn Review

#5 Amigo Chunky

The last yarn that I want to share with you is called Amigo Chunky, a bulky weight, super squishy yarn that has great stitch definition and comes if lots of fun, happy colors!

I used this yarn to create my Cloud Nine Scarf, a rainbow-y, super colorful scarf to chase away the grayest days!

Hobbii Yarn Review

I hope you enjoyed learning about these yarns! To see more of them, hop on over to the Hobbii site and see all that they have to offer! They have really great sales frequently too!

They also host a fun, yarn-themed Bingo game regularly that is lots of fun. Additionally, they have fun crafty competitions for gift card prizes…awesome!

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