Loop Yarn Mini Wreath, Yarn Craft + Video

The Loop Yarn Mini Wreath is a fun and fabulous project that you can create in as little as five minutes with just one ball of loop yarn!  Simply wrap fluffy loop yarn around a wreath form and voila!  Instant super cute wreath!

Need a little extra help? There’s a full video tutorial too!

Click below to watch the full video tutorial:


  • Metal wire wreath form (I used a 12 inch form)
  • 1 ball of Loop-It yarn from Red Heart Yarns (I used the “Turq’s and Caicos” colorway, 1 ball is 7.6 yards/7 meters)
  • Short piece of twine/scrap yarn/ribbon for the hanging loop
  •  Scissors


  • 12 inches across
  • *Size may vary according to the wreath form you choose.  Also note that if you go up a wreath form size, you will need more yarn.


Note: Check out the video to watch how I make the wreath step by step!

  • Tie a small piece of scrap yarn or scrap ribbon to make a hanging loop.
  • Tie end of yarn around the wreath with a secure knot to get started.
  • Begin by neatly wrapping yarn around the wreath form, until entire wreath has been covered. 
  • After the wreath has been wrapped completely in yarn, knot the yarn to secure.
  • If needed, fluff up the loops.  All finished and ready for hanging!

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