Rustic Farmhouse Woven Yarn Wreath, Yarn Craft + Video

The Rustic Farmhouse Woven Yarn Wreath is a pretty wreath for your home with lots of texture.  This fun yarn craft can be made in just a short amount of time with yarn on hand too!

A metal form makes it super easy to weave the yarn and you can add a bow like I did or add something else.  Need a little extra help? There’s a full video tutorial too!

Click below to watch the full video tutorial:


  • Metal wire wreath form (I used a 12 inch form)
  • Scrap yarn for weaving.  Fluffy, highly textured yarn works best for this project.  Feel free to mix it up for a colorblock effect too!
  • Short piece of twine/scrap yarn/ribbon for the hanging loop
  • Ribbon for bow (I used 2.5 inch wide burlap ribbon)
  •  Scissors


    • 12 inches across
    • *Size may vary according to the wreath form you choose.


    Note: Check out the video to watch how I make the wreath step by step!

    • Tie a small piece of twine or matching yarn to make a hanging loop.
    • To weave tie yarn around one of the inner bars of the form to get started.
    • Begin by neatly weaving yarn in and out of the form bars pushing it together as you go, so none of the form shows through 
    • When you run out of yarn, simply tie a new yarn piece and keep weaving, making sure any knots are hidden in the back of the form.
    • After you’ve woven around the entire form, trim any tails in the back.
    • Add a bow or other decorations as desired. (Note: to make a burlap bow, like I did, check out the video!)
    • Hang for a beautiful rustic yarny addition to your home decor!

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    © Jennifer Dickerson 2019

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