Top 10 Fiber Flux Patterns of 2018!

As we are winding down 2018 and look forward to 2019, I wanted to share the top 10 Fiber Flux patterns of 2018!  

Also wanted to take a moment and give a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU for making this the best year ever in the Fiber Flux world!  Thanks to your support of the blog and channel with your visits, views, likes, and wonderful comments, both the blog and channel have grown tremendously over the past year…Fiber Flux has the BEST community ever!!!  

Let’s connect!

Ok, lets’s get to it shall we?  We’re going to count down from 10 to 1, just like our own mini ball drop…fun!  Let’s go!

#10 Merry Berry Coasters

#9 Merry Making Button Cowl

#8 Gelato Infinity Scarf

#7 Snow Berries Throw

#6 Waffle Stitch Scarf

#5 Family Room Throw

#4 Margaret Button Cowl

#3 Everyman Scarf

#2 Island Lace Scarf

And…drumroll please…the number one pattern…

Pavement Infinity Scarf, always a popular favorite!  I wear mine several times a week too! 🙂

Have a happy and safe new year lovelies!!

© Jennifer Dickerson 2018

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Fiber Flux Patterns of 2018!

  1. Dear Jennifer
    You have re-kindled my love for crocheting with your tutorials. You are simply magical. I made a snow berry throw in a verigated yarn,two Margaret button cowls in lilac and an island lake scarf in megenta. Heartfelt gratitude. Love your blogs. Happy New Year.

  2. I made the Waffle Stitch scarf. I found it a challenge, but when I finally mastered the stitches, it turned out great! Looks terrific and keeps my dear son (38 years old!) nice and warm.

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