family room throw stripy fluffy crochet blanket

The Family Room Throw is a super comfy throw that is lofty, lacy and crocheted in soothing tones for the home.  This super easy blanket is made with thick, fluffy yarn and a large hook so it stitches up very fast. You’ll be able to quickly make one for your home plus a great gift too! Looks great draped across a sofa, favorite chair, on a bed. Makes a thoughtful handmade housewarming gift too!  

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Watch a full video tutorial on how to make this project:

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family room throw draped over a chair


  • 9 Balls of Bernat Blanket (colors shown are “Light Teal” “Antique White” and “Taupe” I used three balls of each color) (150g size)
  • 10.0 mm crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle (large enough eye for very thick yarn)


  • 65 inches wide
  • 70 inches long

Tutorial Links & Abbreviations:

close up of family room throw

Instructions for the Family Room Throw:

Note: Blanket pictured is worked in four rows per color to create the stripe sequence as shown. However, please feel free to experiment with any colors and strip thickness that you want!

Ch 90.

Row 1: Work a dc in the 4th chain from hook then ch 1. *Work a dc in the next ch.  Skip a ch, and in the next chain, work (dc, ch 1) . Repeat from * to end.

Row 2: Ch 3 and turn.  Work (dc, ch 1, dc) in each of the chain 1 spaces from the previous row (center of each “V”). At the end of the row, finish with a dc in the last space (turning chain space from previous row).

Repeat row 2 until blanket measures about 70 inches long (or desired length) and fasten off.


Weave in any ends that remain and you’re finished your Family Room Throw!

50 thoughts on “Family Room Throw, Free Crochet Pattern + Full Video Tutorial

  1. I saw Bernat Blanket yarn at the store and I was wanting a nice pattern so I could make something and this is perfect! Thank you!

  2. Hi Jennifer: This looks like a project for me. Question: What size skeins did you use? 3 oz. or the jumbo big skein?

  3. I have started this beautiful blanket. One question s it normal for the blanket to not li flat while working each row?

    1. I used a bigger hook to start the chain 11.50 then I used the 10 to make it and it is nice and flat I crochet tight so the bigger hook to start is the best way

  4. Just finished this blanket. It's so soft, I love it. Somewhat disappointing tho, it's smaller than the pattern says it will be. Mine only measures 44 inches wide and 58 inches long. In the pic it looks like there are 14 stripes, 4 rows per stripe so 56 rows total. This is my first project so my stitches may be too tight or something. Still a great blanket and it will look great on my couch!

    1. I agree. I chaned 100 to be on the safe side but found it too small still. Next time I will chane 140 or 160.

    2. I agree. I chaned 100 to be on the safe side but found it too small still. Next time I will chane 140 or 160.

    3. When I finish an afghan, this is what I do. You will need baby or lingerie soap, a flat sheet bigger then desired afghan size & many straight pins.
      1) Wash afghan on very gentle cycle of washing machine, using baby or lingerie soap.
      2) Choose a site with plenty of ventilation, very little traffic and enough room to spread out your afghan to the desired size.
      3) Lay a clean cotton flat sheet over area.
      4) Pin afghan on top of sheet, to desired shape & size.
      5) Let dry overnight.
      6) If bottom isn’t completely dry, turn afghan & lay it flat on a dry surface, until completely dry.

  5. Your chain 90 made blanket 65 inches wide, if I wanted to make a smaller blanket, do you know how many I would chain? Like, would it be a number divisible by 3, plus 4?
    I want to make a blanket about 45-50 inches wide.

    1. in the video she says a number divisible by 3…i wanna try 60 sts for a baby or young kid blankie…let u know how wide it comes out…

  6. I just finished a throw based on this pattern. I modified the colors (Bernal Blanket Brights in Pow Purple, Royal Blue, and Busy Blue) and the number of color changes. I was going for a wave look but I don't feel I really achieved it. I wish I could upload pictures here so I'll try on YouTube.

  7. I used this pattern to make my son a blanket. It's so gorgeous he can't stop talking about it. So soft! I used burgundy, grey, and a lovely blue. Thanks for your great tutorials. You're one of my favorite YouTube teachers.

    1. She used the Bernat blanket 150 gr I used Bernat baby blanket they are 300 grams and I made a good sized one with 5 of them plus cheaper because you get more yarn on the baby

  8. I am curious which size balls of yarn you are using here? I clicked on the links in your post, but I just get an error.

    I would love to make this blanket; thank you for the pattern and your clarification!

  9. My daughter fell in love with this throw but wanted it as a baby blanket. Used king cole chunky & size 5 hook & followed your tutorial. Happy daughter. X

  10. I'm making onE in the Pixie Pink and Raspberry Rope variegated and Vintage White in chains of 100, for my cousin's fourth birthday, it's my third in your V-stitch pattern.

  11. I too wod lime to know what size ball was used. Its been asked several times and i do not see an answer. I assume it is not the big ball if calling for 9 as i have made some noce size blankets with 6?

  12. I’ve made two of these blankets! They’re beautiful and so quick! Thank you for your wonderful patterns!

  13. Im part way through this and its only coming up at 45 inches wide 🙁 I am still fairly new to crochet so maybe I am making the stitches too tight? My daughter is loving the pattern though and already ordered a second in a different colour scheme.

  14. I bought 300g balls. Mine ended up 47.5 x 77 and I have a whole skein leftover. I haven't counted how many I chained. I was afraid if I made it too wide,, I would run out of yarn before it was long enough. I'm going to make a second, which I will make wider for my older son. If I get a chance I'll post the chain stitch count.

  15. This blanket is beautiful and soft and works up very fast. I did need to put a border on each side to widen it because I felt it was a bit narrow. Next time I will add chains as mentioned in the comments

  16. I have just begun this beautiful throw and seem to have a problem. I have done the first 4 rows and the seem to be twisting kind of like a spiral. What am I doing wrong and do I need to frog it out and begin again to correct my mistake?

  17. I am having trouble with this blanket. I have done 4 rows and the rows are twisting like a double helix. Can you help me out please. Could it be that my tension is off or is too tight? You quick response would be great.

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