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The Pavement Crochet Infinity Scarf is a gorgeous, yet simple crochet scarf.  Cozy and elegant, it is super fun to wear too in lots of different ways.  This is a lovely piece for both fall and winter and is crocheted with a simple but beautiful stitch sequence.  This is an a ideal gift pattern because the recipient can choose just how they want to wear it! 

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Pavement infinity scarf unwrapped


  • N (9.0 mm) Crochet Hook
  • 159 yards of super bulky/#6 weight yarn (I used 1.5 Skeins Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick)
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure


  • 6.5 inches wide
  • The circumference of the scarf pictured is 60 inches.  Easily customize to the length you need by adding or subtracting rows.

pavement infinity scarf wrapped close to neck with a long loop hanging down


Go HERE for a stitch by stitch photo tutorial of the infinity scarf.

See video tutorial towards the bottom of this post!

Instructions for the Pavement Crochet Infinity Scarf :

Ch 19

Foundation Row: In the 4th chain from the hook, work dc, ch 1, dc in the same ch. *Skip two chains and then in the next ch, work dc, ch 1, dc in the same ch.  Repeat 3 more times from * to end, then in the last ch, work 1 dc, ch 1, 1 dc in the same ch.

Row 1: Turn, ch 3 and work dc, ch 1, dc in each of the chain 1 spaces from the previous row (center of each “V”).  At the end of the row, finish with a dc in the last space (ch 3 turning space).

Repeat row 1 until 60 inches long or desired length.


Whip stitch the two ends together.  Weave in all ends and your Pavement Infinity Scarf is ready to wear!!  

Here are a few more ideas for wearing your scarf…you can wear it in a “keyhole” style…

pavement infinity scarf as a snug neck wrap

Bunched up around your neck…

Or in long loops like a necklace…

© Jennifer Dickerson

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240 thoughts on “Pavement Crochet Infinity Scarf, Free Pattern + Video

  1. the scarf is nice. thanks for sharing the pattern. i see that many crochet bloggers getting ready for the winter these days 🙂

  2. So pretty! I hope you won't mind me linking up this week at Tangled Happy. Thanks so much for sharing this pretty pattern! 🙂

  3. Ohh… I love this! Can't wait to make it up for myself and maybe one or two for Christmas also. Maybe one in Wool Ease, and one in alpaca (my weakness!). I saw your post on Tanged Happy.

  4. Came over from Tangled Happy and I love your scarf! It is very nice of you to share your pattern. How did you form the "keyhole" style?

  5. Sure! I just flattened the "tube" then wrapped it around the neck, then tucked one end into the other loop end…hope that helps! Thanks too for your nice comments! 🙂

  6. do you whip stitch edge to edge, for one continous loop, or is it twisted and stitched? can you elaborate on that part, thanks.

  7. What is the increment to increase the number of starting chains? Is it 2+1 or 3+1? I'm using 2 strands of worsted weight instead of 1 bulky, and it's not quite as wide as I'd like with 19 chains.

  8. Thank you so much for this pattern. Made a scarf for my daughter, she's very happy with it. Was very quick to do also, even for a not very experienced crocheter like me!

  9. I love alpaca too!!! I recently made the Vanilla Bean Scarf (in the free crochet patterns tab above) with an alpaca blend and looove it!

  10. Hello,
    I'm soooo loving this scarf.. I ran right out and bought yarn. However, i am having a difficult time finding any think and quick in my store that match (or are even close) to the color pictured here. Could you tell me what color it is so that i can order some online??
    Thank you so very much for sharing the pattern..

  11. Thanks for your kind comment! The yarn is Wool Ease Thick and Quick in the "Linen" colorway. The Lion Brand site should have it…I bought it only about a month or two ago, so it should still be available. Hope that helps! 🙂

  12. First finished crochet project!! Thank you for such a beautiful, easy to follow pattern and such a stunning end product. Took me 3 hours to make a longer length one with 200g Sirdar Squiggle Super Chunky – No scarf this morning …. brilliant scarf to wear to go and fetch the children from school! Kate in the UK.

  13. Hello,
    In your directions you put N (9.0mm) crochet hook. Did you mean N (10.0mm) or M (9.0mm)?
    It's gorgeous by the way!!! Can't wait to make it!!!

  14. What size crochet hook did you use? I'm using an M (9.0 mm). The direction say N (9.0 mm).
    The width isn't right either. Mine is almost 8 inches not 6.5 in width.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  15. Hi Lynne!

    That's interesting because I went and peeked at my N hook and it says 9.0 mm! Does your N hook say 10.0? My hook is a Boye brand, what is yours? I wonder if they differ from brand to brand? Definitely use the 9.0 size though, no matter which letter it says…hope that helps!

  16. Lynne,

    9.0 is the correct size hook…mine is a Boye brand N hook and says 9.0. As far as the width…what kind of yarn are you using? Is it the same or a similar weight? When you began the starting chain, how long was that?

  17. Thank you for sharing this pattern. It was so easy, I could put it down to deal with life and come back and pick up right where I left off. It turned out beautifully. I used the same yarn in "FIG". I've already started another one for christmas gifts. I might have to consider one for myself! Thank you again.

  18. Thanks! You are welcome to only LINK to this site. Please do not copy any content to your site, including content that has been translated into another language. All material on this site is copyright protected.

    I apologize for not having a translate tool on my site for you…I just now added the Google translate tool…it is now located in the left hand column, right below the "subscribe by email" section. This will allow anyone to translate this site into any language right here on this site.

    I hope that answers your question, please let me know if you have any others, and thank you again!

    PS Here's Fiber Flux's current copyright statement:

    © Jennifer Dickerson 2011-2012 All original photographs, text, patterns, content, and artwork are copyright protected. My free patterns are for personal and charity use only. If you enjoy the pattern, please link to it, but do not copy the pattern to your own website or blog. Thank you!

  19. It sounds beautiful! The fig colorway is one of my most favorites too! I just made the "Fiona Button Scarf" with that color…love it!

  20. What a beautiful pattern! Although I haven't crocheted since I was about 12 I decided to give this one a try! I am using yarn that looks as thick as yours but only getting about 4 inches in width. Maybe I need to loosen up my chains, or increase by 6 chains… Also, any idea why my edges are not coming out a straight line like yours? Mine are wavy, which is not a bad look either. Thank you for sharing a beautiful pattern and pictures!

  21. Will this pattern work with the lion's brand home spun yarn? The curly type yarn… I bought a grey variation of it that is really pretty and love this pattern so much so I'm hoping it might be a good combination but I'm not exactly sure if it will work for this pattern.
    Thanks so much! 🙂

  22. Thanks so much! I'm not sure why the width is different…are you using the same (or similar weight) yarn? The wavy edges sound really pretty! When I was making this scarf, I noticed that my edges were slightly wavy too…it seemed to straighten itself out the further I went along, perhaps because of the weight of the piece? Not totally sure. I always give a few gentle tugs while crocheting something as I am going to straighten it out too…not sure but this might help too. Happy crocheting to you! 🙂

  23. Sure! I used to have a print button on on this site, but it began to malfunction and caused more trouble than good…

    An easy way to print is to highlight needed text, select "copy" with your right mouse button, paste it to a Word document, and print.

  24. That sounds lovely! Homespun is not quite as bulky as Wool Ease Thick & Quick, but I still think it would look nice, more airy and with more drape to it…what I would do is maybe work up a few rows and see if you like the look of it. If you'd like for it to be more bulky/thicker, just hold the yarn double and work the scarf that way…hope that helps! 🙂

  25. Ok I think I know why I am getting the wavy edge! I totally missed the dc that needs to go at the end of each row. Good to know it can be done both ways though… Also, just got some of the same yarn you're using and now I'm getting the right width. This yarn really gives it a nicer chunkier look too. Thanks again, I'm really enjoying this 🙂

  26. Hi, I love this scarf and am trying to get it right. For some reason, I am getting a width of 8". I am using 9.0 hook and the same yarn as the pattern calls for. Could you tell me how many dc,ch1,dc there should be in each row? That might help; just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Thanks so much!

  27. I want the width to be wider. what increments should I add to the chain 19? and then for the dc, ch1 and dc in same chain, do I just repeat that until I get to the last chain? Thanks so much! Its beautiful!!

  28. I made this scarf this weekend! I used Red Heart Curly Q wool, so it was a little narrower, but the pattern was really pretty…and easy! I'm definitely going to use this pattern again! Thanks!

  29. Help! I am a beginner and don't know what "in the same ch" means. I can single and double chochet but am lost on the rest of the pattern. I have been trying to study how to read these patterns but need help! Is it hopeless?

  30. I love you website! Your designs are awesome, thanks a bunch for sharing. I started working a this pattern last night and the scarf is coming along lovely. I will definitely mention you and your blog on my site when I finish the scarf up:)

  31. Hi there!

    "In the same ch" means that the directions, in this case dc, ch 1, dc all happen in the same chain space…so you'll be doing all three of those things in one chain, creating the "V" shape.

  32. Unfortunately, I gave the one shown away, but I took a peek at the picture and it looks like there are 5 "V"s plus the turning chain….hope that helps! Sometimes I will give the piece a gentle tug to straighten the stitches out a bit, often that will make it very slightly larger.

  33. This is a gorgeous scarf! I'm knee deep in holiday gift crocheting, but I may have to take a break so I can make this for myself.

  34. I am a beginner & I don't know what you mean by Row 1: Turn, ch 3 and work dc, ch 1, dc in each of the chain 1 spaces from the previous row (center of each "V"). What does it mean "1 spaces from the previous row"? how am I counting that? I think I'm putting too many stitches in the piece, it's not as lacy as yours looks. This will be the first scarf I've made. thank you.

  35. I have been looking for something like this. I LOVE THIS scarf. I think this is going to be popular gift this year! Thank you so much for sharing!

  36. Lynn, you're making a "V" right on top of the "V" below it. The "V's" should line up. So turn, chain 3 and then in the single crochet in the center of the "V", you double crochet, chain 1, and double crochet all in the SAME stitch. If you need another guide, it's the 3rd stitch from the hook.

  37. @Annonymous from 10/21 with the the wavy edges… My first attempt resulted in very wavy edges also… I started over when I realized that I missed the last dc at the end of the row. Separate than the chain three/turn. Instructions state "At the end of the row, finish with a dc in the last space (ch 3 turning space)." I hope this helps!

  38. You definitely should…I started just this past year trying to once in a while make myself something, so glad I did that! I think a few years went by that I didn't do that! Have fun!!!

  39. Thanks so much for this question…I'm sure others may have been wondering the same thing. On the foundation row in that area, you'll want to skip two, then in the next chain (third), work the (dc, ch1, dc) all in that one chain. I updated that row of the pattern to make it more descriptive and detailed. No changes, just more explanatory.

    Thanks again!!!

  40. Can I just ask- are these US or British instructions as I know the stitches are different…..I can easily convert as long as I know, thank you so much!

  41. Help !! For some reason I cannot see the V ( circle then a V somewhat of a V?) If I just follow turn chain 3 then Skip 2 ch then (dc ch1 dc )skip 2 ch and continue like that on every row until my desired lenght. Should I be ok ?

    Help a Im all new to crochet
    thank you

  42. I have already used two skeins of yarn and have not reached 60 inches. I was wondering if I made a mistake in the design. I am not using the exact same yarn, but it is LionBrand and the same bulk. Just curious.

  43. Should the foundation row actually say "end with 1 dc in last chain" vs "dc ch1 dc"? because I keep ending up with 6 v's instead of 5 and it is way too wide!

  44. Thank you for such a great pattern! My sister has been asking me to teach her to crochet and she told me she wants to make an infinity scarf. So this will be perfect! Thanks again 🙂


  45. When you transition from the foundation row to row 1, you will turn and ch 3. This is also called the "turning chain" Each time you repeat row 1, you will put 1 dc in the last space (the turning chain space).

  46. Hmmm, not sure. What is the suggested hook size on the yarn label? That could make a difference. Also, what is the yardage of the skein you are using, that could make a difference too.

  47. I am a newbie at crochet. I'm sure it's my lack of expertise, but I'm almost ready to give up on this one so I have to ask. Foundation row – done. Row 1 done. Repeating Row 1 ends up in a series of rows that look like a ladder, nothing like the photo. What am I missing? Am I supposed to repeat the Foundation Row? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  48. I can't thank you enough for posting this pattern! I just began teaching myself to crochet, and this scarf is a perfect beginner project for Christmas gifts. I can whip one up in a few hours, and it is beautiful!! My friends are going to freak. Thank you SO MUCH, Jennifer!

  49. Thanks so much for this pattern. I just finished one for myself. I used 2 strands of Caron Simply Soft. Colors, Autumn Maize, and White. I also used hook, 10 1/2, K and it turned out about 6 inches. I think I will be wearing this a lot this winter. Very warm.

  50. Are you doing your dc ONLY in the chain space – the "V" area? It looks almost like you a skipping a space where you should put the dc, but make sure you are in that chain space area. I have 6 Vs per row.

  51. Do I go into the open V or the chain that connects the two dc that makes the V?
    I am new to crocheting and this pattern is really pretty!

  52. When I realized the scarf seemed wider than directions instructed, I too was using a N-10.That explains the xtra width.I'm using the exact same yarn as recommended also.

  53. I was wondering this also,after looking closer at the scarf pictured,it looks like there is a slight raised ridge pattern formed.This seems to be the only thing that I'm not completely clear on.

  54. I agree Jackie but I don't know if the raised stitch is made by going into the open V stitch or taking the needle through the single crochet..if anyone can enlighten us, it would be appreciated!

  55. When you are doing your chain, do you chain 19, turn, and skip 3 for your first stitch or do you chain 19 and then 3 more to turn?

  56. You chain 19,and start working your foundation row from there.As stated in the instructions. I think!?Can someone else confirm this? This is what I am understanding from the instructions.

  57. Hmmm I've tried this 2 times and the width both imes has been 8 inches. I hope it looks alright….It looks like i will be using 3 skeins to get the right length.

  58. Check your crochet hook size.I thought I was using N-9, it said N-10 as I kept getting close to 8"also.Another factor t

  59. Another factor that I think could be adding to the increase is crocheting into the single stitch of the "V". I have been going into the open hole and doing my stitshes there.Not sure if this is the right way, but seems to be looking more like the photo shown and more in keeping with the right size.

  60. Yes! Start by chaining 19…then work the foundation row…then for row 1 (which you'll be repeating) before you begin the row you'll chain three and turn…then begin row 1, hope that helps!

  61. It might also be because of what type of "crochet-er" you are. Some people tend to stitch tightly and others loosely. If you are using the same type of yarn and your pattern is turning out too big, you are probably stitching looser than the person who designed the pattern. Just switch to a smaller hook. Same for if your pattern is turning out too small – switch to a larger hook. Hope that helps! :O)

  62. Any idea what the name of the lion brand yarn you used? This would make such great Christmas presents for my family in CO!

  63. I'm trying to make this scarf, but I'm kind of a beginner at this and I'm really struggling starting it off. I've read a bunch of the comments but still get stuck! How do I get from the foundation row to the first row after the turn?! Help!

  64. I love the look of this pattern too, but I'm also having problems on how to do Row 1 after the foundation row. I don't understand exactly where I'm supposed to be doing the dc, etc. I guess I'm not understanding what is meant by the "V." Hmm

  65. Although it doesn't specify in the instructions to do so, my understanding of infinity scarves is that they have a twist built in to them. So when joining the ends together, did you butt them right up against each other and stitch? Or did you turn one end over to create the twist and then stitch?

  66. Hi Marissa,

    The "V" that I am referring to in the pattern can also be called the chain 1 space from the previous row. In the foundation row you did a series of "clusters" which are shaped like the letter V and are formed by making a dc, ch 1, dc all in one chain space.

    When you go on the row 1, you will then make another one of these clusters in the V or chain 1 space from the previous row. This will give the appearance of v-shaped clusters stacked on top of one another. I pasted row 1 for you below so you can see where I am referring to the V, or chain 1 space.

    Row 1: Turn, ch 3 and work dc, ch 1, dc in each of the chain 1 spaces from the previous row (center of each "V"). At the end of the row, finish with a dc in the last space (ch 3 turning space).

  67. The scarf shown above does not have a twist, but if you wish feel free to do so. I always thought a twist in an infinity scarf or a cowl was called a mobius? I've seen infinity scarves without a twist and with an optional twist. The great thing is you can do whatever you like! 🙂

    Hope that helps!

  68. Hello,

    Here to help! Check out the response I left for Marissa below. I think it may help answer your question too…

  69. I think what I'll do is sew some buttons on one end. It's a gift for my mom, so with the buttons she can choose day-to-day how she wants to wear it!

  70. I've just finished my scarf. It has definitely been quick and easy to make and the result is simply gorgeous. Thank you very much for sharing this pattern.

  71. I really need to get ready for work, but I can not stop looking at all of your gorgeous patterns. WOW! Thank you so much for sharing all your work. Beautiful inspirations, every single one.

  72. I finished a few of these, one I did as a gift and one for me. I also am using the stitch to do a shrug for my prayer shawl group. I just love it. Thanks for sharing this.

  73. I jsut finished this cozy warm scarf today, what a great way to start the new year! Thanks for this fun, fast pattern!

  74. I think it's great that you share your patterns for free not many people do that and I really appreciate it! I made this scarf for someone and they loved it thanks to you!! You're awesome!!

  75. Thanks Natasha! I'm so glad you liked the pattern…what a lucky friend to receive such a special gift from you! Happy crocheting!

  76. Thank you for sharing this wonderful pattern ~ this is a project I can not wait to complete. I absolutely love these type of scarf's. Again, thank you!

  77. So I'm having a little trouble, my scarf is starting to curve, like a major upside down "U", i started like your instructions, but I don't know what I"m doing wrong!

  78. I made this scarf in December last year and I've just realised I've never said thank you for sharing this great pattern. I love this scarf. Easy to make, warm and looks fantastic. Thank you so much for this pattern, you're a star 🙂

  79. Thank you for the great pattern : ) Im using a size N 9.00 hook and the same brand yarn and mine was coming out 8" in width like some of the previous posters. So instead of chaining 19, I chained 17 and got the 6" width. Love it!

  80. Hi Jade! All that means is that you'll be working the dc, ch 1, dc all in the same space which will give you the "v" shape…in subsequent rows, the Vs will be stacked on top of one another.

  81. I am a beginner also, and I finally realized what I was doing wrong. "Chain 1 spaces" is a noun and not a direction. You can google "chain spaces" to see diagrams that make this clear. I don't know if this is what was tripping you up as well, but I thought I'd comment in case any other beginners out there are confused like me!

  82. Thanks so much for blogging this pattern. I made it last night (so quick and easy) using 200g of yarn. The scarf is a bit shorter than yours but it looks amazing on – wraps round my neck twice so it looks like a cowl. Can't wait to wear it. I might even make another one! Thanks again. x

  83. I finished my scarf tonight! Great pattern! I did make it a little wider and it turned out fantastic. Will definitely be making more for Christmas presents this year. Thanks so much for the free pattern!

  84. Thank you, I love this pattern! I substituted the Thick N' Quick with Lions Brand Hometown U.S.A. and it worked perfectly! so soft, I am ready for the fall weather now 🙂

  85. Oh yes, I love the Hometown too, so soft and pretty and readily available locally…definitely a good thing!

  86. I tried making this scarf but it was almost 9" wide. I realized that the N hook I had bought was a 10mm instead of a 9mm, so I ripped it apart and started over, made my chain a little shorter and skipped one of the dc, ch1, dc stiches. This seemed to work but as I continued my scarf stretched or something and got 8" wide again. I wasn't increasing it just got wide. Not sure if I crochet really loose or what the problem was. After ripping it apart again I decided to skip another of the dc, ch1, dc stitches again, so this time I only had three of those V stitches. This solved my problem. My finished scarf ended up being only 4" wide but it is still beautiful. I had never crochet anything before and only knew how to make a chain but this scarf was so easy for a beginner. Thanks for the lovely and simple pattern! My scarf is awesome! I made it in the Thick & Quick in the Fig colour which is just gorgeous. Can't wait to try your other patterns!

  87. I'm so glad it turned out and you enjoyed making it! I agree with you, the "Fig" colorway is one of my most favorites too, it is such a beautiful color!

  88. Hi Jennifer,

    I found this scarf on Pinterest and just fell in love with it. I have been wanting to pick up crocheting for a very long time now, it looks so relaxing, my problem is that I always say "what the heck would I possibly make". Well, I would love to start with this, I'm just not sure if this would be out of my experience level. I have literally never picked up a crocheting needle in my life, although I am a fast learner and am pretty creative. What do you think?

  89. I just found your blog yesterday looking for a crochet stitch! I was thrilled to see all these wonderful, easy and pretty patterns and have just finished the Pavement Infinity Scarf in a lovely variegated yarn and a large hook! Thank you so much for offering so many gorgeous patterns for us to follow! Now I'm going to make some crocheted flowers to hang on my luggage!
    Greetings, Sandra

  90. according to the step by step instructions that Jennifer demonstrated it states that you should have a total of 6 V's plus the two turning ends.But earlier in a post she said you should have 5 V's.If you refer to the photo tutorial it removes any confusion.I am a visual learner,so for me it sealed it.

  91. Hi folks, just to clear up any confusion, the foundation row ends with a "V" When you transition from the foundation row to row 1, you chain three and turn. This becomes the turning chain. The rest of the scarf repeats row 1, and a double crochet (just a single double crochet, not a "V") is worked into that turning chain. I had that question before about it growing wide and it was because the person was putting a "V" into the turning chain and not the single crochet.

    I hope that helps!

    PS The person who commented above had an excellent point about viewing the photo tutorial…the link can be found above in the post. 🙂

  92. just finished my scarf. It was done with alpaca wool…………it is nice and soft. thanks for the pattern. i am sending it to a very dear someone in nyc – Lemongrass

  93. I love your Pavement pattern. I've made a couple gifts using this pattern (slight alterations in width and yarn) but always turns out beautifully. Thanks!!

  94. Thank you Jennifer! I just found 4 skeins of this, so I'll be learning a new stitch & have a great new present!

  95. I just finished making this with the plum Lion Brand thick and quick and it is beautiful! I am wondering if you know of a way to soften the scarf after crocheting. Mine is not as soft looking as yours. Is there a trick to this?
    Thank you for the free pattern!

  96. Great! This scarf is great for beginners! If you need a bit of help though, try watching the video and crocheting right along with it, that should be helpful! 🙂

  97. Yes, Wool Ease Thick and Quick is machine washable so washing it on a gentle cycle should help. Lots of times dyes and other things from the manufacturing process will stiffen yarn. Putting it in the dryer might help, but often it makes things fuzzy looking so maybe a little bit at a time. Thanks for your question!

  98. Im sure youve probably already answered this question, but there's so many comments I don't have the patience to filter through them all!
    I like to build the length first with the chain, do you know how many chains to start it that way? Of would that not be a good idea? Also if the Lions Brand homespun an acceptable yarn? Thanks!

  99. Answered my own question about the homespun! I tried for aboux0 minutes to work with the homespun, either im just too inexperienced or that yarn is too hard to work with for crochet 🙂
    I returned it and got two skeins of thick and quick in pumpkin. What a fun and easy pattern! But I don't think two will be enough..I might be doing something wrong.
    Btw. I am crocheting three friends a scarf, I sent them each 4 pattern pictures and had them choose such ins they liked. And they all chose this one! No surprise,its gorgeous

  100. Thanks so much. I am half finished already! I used 2 strands (crocheted together) of Patton's Classic Wool Worsted.
    It is lovely. Maybe I can do a second one before Christmas!

  101. It was a very fun scarf to create. My daughter has it for her Christmas Present. She took a picture wearing it., Put it on FB. Many nice comments. The yarn you suggested is nice to work with. It also is very warm. Now her friends want one as well. I think I will ask them to get the yarn though .:)

  102. LOVE this scarf! I made several this year for gifts and one for myself (wearing it right now, actually!). Lots of compliments! Thank you so much for sharing your crochet patterns. I need to find some hat patterns now…!

  103. I'm a beginner, but so far I've made scarves using three different patterns, and this one (and the similar Gelato) is my favorite, and I'm sticking with it. I must crochet much more loosely than you, though, because I have to only use 19, 16, or even 13 beginning chains. Otherwise, it's far too wide. For "outerwear" scarves, I like to use two strands (double strand) of either Caron Simply Soft medium weight or two strands of Wool-Ease worsted weight, and an N hook. I've used either 16 or 13 beginning chains for these and they turn out soft and fluffy, and warm. I've also used a single strand of medium weight yarn and made a couple of infinity scarves. I think I used 19 beginning chains on those. I love the subtle horizontal "stripe" that this pattern makes!
    One weird thing, and I don't think I'm doing anything wrong after looking at your videos, is my beginning "tail" thread winds up an inch or so from the bottom corner, but the edge is smooth. Your videos are great, btw. THANK YOU so much for sharing these wonderful scarf patterns! I'm going to make more for gifts.

  104. I go into the open space, which I think is easier! I guess you could do either, but I think Jennifer means to use the open space, not one of the stitches. Hope that helps.
    As for the ridges, yes, if the light hits it just right, this pattern forms subtle horizontal lines, which I think adds just the perfect amount of interest to this pattern. You don't have to do anything to get them; the pattern itself turns out that way. It's easier to see in solid colors.

  105. I just finished this scarf using a 10 mm hook in Lion Brand's Las Vegas Gold and I love it!!
    But as a crochet novice, I haven't figured out a way to make a matching hat or beanie. I don't know if this is a silly question, but could this stitch be translated into a hat?

  106. Just finished this scarf in Lion Brand Homespun362 Quartz yarn. It turned out beautiful. Thank you for sharing your pattern and especially for the pictorial.

  107. Jennifer,
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! I am obsessed with this scarf and have now made about 10 in different yarns and different colors and they have all turned out beautifully. They have all been gifts that my friends love love love! I am a novice crocheter and the videos are particularly helpful as I am still hopeless at reading a pattern and translating that into anything that actually looks like it is supposed to 🙂 Thank you for so generously sharing!

  108. Thank you for this tutorial! I've taught myself to crochet but reading patterns is still hard. The pattern, coupled with the easy to follow tutorial made this process so much easier. I have no doubt I would have gotten very frustrated if it wasn't for your super easy instructions.

    This blog is amazing. Your patterns are easy to follow and the tutorials, when available, are amazing. You also have my same taste, which helps. Keep up the good work. This site is awesome!

  109. I am making this now as I sit and enjoy the fire on this snowy day. Thank you for the pattern. It's so pretty. I am using Bernat Soft Bounce and K hook. It is thick yarn and the gauge came out great. I can't wait to finish it. I think I will try the buttons as one lady said in the comments. Thank you again for the pattern!!

  110. This was my first real project. I thought it turned out well. I found your instructionsvery clear and the video was very useful too. I've posted the link to the pattern on my Ravelry page, I hope this is ok. Many thanks

  111. You mentioned adding an invisible pocket to this scarf. How would you do this? Are there instructions that I missed? Thanks. This scarf is beautiful and the vidio instructions made it look so easy.

  112. Thank you Jennifer for this tutorial! Very easy instructions for a beginner and it was my first project! I used Lion Brand's hometown USA Phoenix Azalea. It came out awesome! Two of my friends already are requesting that I make them a scarves…

  113. sorry to bother you, hopefully you will see this post. im making stuff for my niece for a craft fair she brought a table for this wk end. this is a beautiful piece. im doin really good on it. but I can not for the life of me get the width right. im using Lion heart Hometown USA. an im getting 9.5 inches instead of 6.5 inches, oh an im using a N-9.00 mm crochet hook. is it the yarn type or am I crochet too loose?

  114. I just finished the scarf and it is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I'd love to have a hat to match. Do you have a hat pattern using the same V stitch?

  115. I am making this currently, but my question is, where did you get your beautiful crochet hook? I really want to use some wood hooks!

  116. I love your tutorials! I've made a couple of these I just need to seam them together now. Question on your whip stitch preference, do you insert needle through inside loops only or both top loops? Thanks so much!

  117. Thank you for the beautiful pattern. I made this and I love it!! I posted the finished scarf as well as your link to my local crochet group (non-profit, just a couple ladies who get together once a month). I hope you don't mind. I am making another one now. I wish I can send you the pictures!! 🙂

  118. I would like to make this with a less bulky yarn. What size hook should I use? Do you have an suggestions? I like the length and width, so I would just adjust accordingly.

  119. Thanks for the very instructional video. I have not crocheted in years, but after watching your video I have the confidence I need to start again. I used your link to Craftsy and ordered my yarn and hook today. I hope to be working on this scarf next week (that is when I take a break from working on this baby quilt ). Thanks Again! Julia

  120. hi! i love this pattern but It seems to be much wider than the one pictured, no matter how tight I stitched it, coming it at about 9 inches. I ended up having to reduce the starting chain by 3, making a scarf with 5 V's across…it comes in at the 6.5 inches it was intended to be. I;m afraid maybe I'm not using the correct weight yarn.. In the video it says super bulky category 6…. I am using the Lion Brand Wool-Ease thick and quick. The scein is 170 g and 106 yds… did i choose the correct thickness of yarn or did I go too bulky?

  121. This pattern saved me! Totally forgot to get my boss a gift for christmas with all my finals stuff going on. Made for a quick gift I'm sure she'll love!

  122. Can anyone tell me what the multiple is for this pattern? I want to make it quite a bit wider than the pattern calls for. Thanks, love the pattern.

  123. If I wanted to make the width larger how many would i have to chain. (for instance multiple of 2+1). Thank you love this pattern

  124. If I were to make this look wider how would I do this. (for instance a multiple of two+1). Thank you I love this pattern.

  125. I made this one a year ago for my missionary daughter who in turn gave it to a lovely lady in Africa. My daughter is home for Christmas and tells me how much she loved and misses this scarf! I am happy to report I am making her another. Thank you for sharing!

  126. Thank you for posting! This is my first crochet pattern, and I hope to make many more! I've already had some requests by friends to make more for them, and would love to start selling. In order to give you credit for the pattern, should I just paste your blog? Or anything specific? Just want to make sure I give you credit. Thanks again!

  127. Add in increments of 3. For example when I used Caron Cakes and I wanted it wider, I added 3 chains for 22. THe pattern repeats in 3's.

  128. Here we go!!! 2018 and using this pattern for a scarf for myself. Thanks so much for sharing it and keeping it up.

  129. I would like to use a bigger hook and cut the number down for the beginning chain row – – – – how should I cut the number back??

  130. First of all this is a gorgeous scarf, I'm wondering if you would possibly give your permission to sell finished scarf with, of course pattern credit to you?
    Thank you for sharing such a gorgeous pattern!

  131. I have just finished this scarf. Easy to follow instructions and it was nice to do many smaller rows opposed to a few large ones on the round.
    Thank you.

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