This necklace celebrates the joy of being by the sea.  I gathered different shell, glass, and stone beads and incorporated them on a simple crochet chain.  If you have never added beads to your crochet projects, this is a great place to start.  Likewise, if you can crochet a chain, you can make this easy and pretty necklace.

Beach Glass Crochet Necklace

By Jennifer Dickerson


  • Necklace shown has a 75 inch circumference.  However you can make your necklace as long or as short as you like, just work chains until desired length is reached.

Materials Needed:

  • Beads (I used about 145 beads for my 75 inch long necklace, and used a variety of beads I had on hand.  Craft stores carry tons of beads and you can find variety packs of them which include lots of different kinds of beads in coordinating colors to make it even easier).
  • 1 skein DMC Cotton Embroidery Floss (color shown is #317)
  • C (2.75 mm) Crochet Hook
  • Needle (yarn needle or embroidery needle depending on the hole opening of your bead)
  • Scissors


  1. Before you start, pass your needle through the hole of the bead to be sure it can move through easily and not get stuck.
  2. Thread your needle with floss.
  3. Add desired number of beads to floss using needle.
  4. Push beads back on the floss.
  5. Place a slip knot of your hook and work three chains. (Click here for a full photo/video tutorial on crocheting chains)
  6. On the fourth chain add a bead. Note: if you have never added beads to your projects, click here to see a full video tutorial on adding beads using the stranding method.
  7. Continue by working two to three chains, then add a bead to the next chain. 
  8. Note: for the “clusters of beads” I simply slid a few over as a group and work them in as if they were just one bead.
  9. When desired length is reached (or you run out of floss or beads), fasten off.
  10. Tie a secure knot on your necklace to close.
  11. Trim excess tails.

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26 thoughts on “Beach Glass Crochet Necklace

  1. This is gorgeous. I'm making one today!!!! Question, for the sections of multiple beads (small turquoise ones) did you just crochet over a group of them to make them bend like that?

    1. Thanks Lorene! So sweet as always. 🙂 Yes! I'm so glad you mentioned that…for the parts you are talking about, I slid a few over all at once (groups of two, three, four, or five) and crocheted them in as if they were one bead. Hope that helps, definitely can't wait to see yours!!

      PS I'm glad you asked that question, I will add the info above too for others who may be wondering the same thing.

  2. Beautiful 🙂 I've never crocheted with beads before, and this looks like a great project to try to get used to it. Thanks!

  3. Well, well, well, look at this… isn't this just another perfect gift project?!!!! Thank you, Jen, for sharing the steps. The beading tutorial is simply great!

  4. These are absolutely wonderful. I have never thought of crocheting with beads but have been using 'toto' beads quite a lot, so this is a great idea for sing them.Your tutorials are excellent and I can't wait to have a go! Many thanks, Best wishes Alison

  5. I too love your patters, you are very gifted. Can you please tell me what the flat bead/shells are called. I have checked several stores and cant seem to find anything with the hole in the edge like yours. Thank you so much for all of your time.

  6. Hello,
    What a wonderful tutorial! T
    How do you keep all of the beads on the same side? I have begun to make this and my chain seems to twist.

    Thank you!

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