I adore infinity scarves.  I wear one almost every day.  They are so fun and versatile ..I wrap mine up in lots of different ways and because of the loop, they always stay on!  Here are six infinity scarves to crochet to ward off the winter chill:

Gelato Infinity Scarf

Gelato is a lovely worsted weight scarf.. It has lovely drape and a lighter weight but super cozy feel.

Pavement Infinity Scarf

This very popular pattern is modern and elegant.  This is my go-to scarf.  When I’m freezing cold, I wrap around and around, when I am warmed up, I unwrap it and let it hang like a regular scarf.

Pinot Noir Infinity Scarf

Crocheted in rich shades of purple, this luxurious scarf will wrap you in comfy fabulousness!

Cloudy Sky

Alright, so this cowl pattern is not technically a full length scarf pattern, but if you use the whole skein of yarn, it will become a lovely infinity too!

Fiona Button Scarf

This scarf has lots possibilities for wearing…button it up, wear it open like a traditional scarf, wrap it around your neck twice, or wear it in a long loop.

Cherries In Bloom Infinity Scarf

Bulky and beautiful, Cherries In Bloom is a granny stripe infinity scarf that is perfect to show off any color combination you choose!

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