I was poking around my yarn stash this morning and like most of you I’m sure, I have a lot of partially used skeins of yarn!  I was in an organizing mood, so the littelest pieces I saved to be used for stuffing later.  The bigger ones I rewound more neatly and seperated by weight, bulky, worsted, etc.

I never ever, ever throw yarn away, no matter how small.  I’m thinking I probably should thin things out a bit though!  I have a special charity project I do in the spring (for the local NICU babies), so I set aside yarn for that project and that helped somewhat.  Sigh…I think I may have a small hoarding issue.  Don’t we all?  I hope so, perhaps a support group is in order?

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5 thoughts on “Feeling Scrappy

  1. Hmmm….maybe rather than a typical support group, how about a stash buster group, making NICU hats for our local hospitals? I have a bit of scrap laid aside for the same project that I've picked up here and there between other projects. Swap pattern ideas, color combos, yarn weights & types of fiber we use, etc.
    And I think you're safe; yarn stashes will never end up on an episode of Hoarders. Nor should they. 🙂

  2. I LOVE that idea!!! Let's totally do that! My NICU lady collects things in March/April…how about you ladies? Shall we do a crochet along?

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