The Birthday Cake Crochet Shawl is a fun, happy, and festive crochet wrap that is so much fun to make! Easy stitches and bright stripes makes this a joy to stitch up. Perfect for a fun treat to yourself and makes an amazing gift too!

Birthday Cake Crochet Shawl

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  • H (5.0 mm) crochet hook 
  • 955 yards of super light/#3 weight yarn (I used 5 balls of Amigo from Hobbii in the “Turquoise” “Pink” “Violet” “Lavender” and “Light Turquoise”)
  • Yarn/tapestry needle
  • Scissors 
  • Measuring Tape

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  • 17 inches wide
  • 44 inches long

Pattern Notes:

  • Easily change the shawl width by adjusting the multiple of the starting chain (see below for multiple).
  • Change the length of the shawl by working more/less rows.
  • Love free crochet shawl patterns?  Get more free crochet shawl patterns here!
Birthday Cake Crochet Shawl

Birthday Cake Crochet Shawl Pattern:

  • Multiple of 4+1.
  • Chain 73
  • Row 1: Work 3 dc in the 5th ch from the hook. *Skip 3 chains, then work a sc into the next chain.  Chain 3, then work 3 dc into the same chain.  Repeat from * across until 4 chains are left.  Skip 3 chains, then work a dc into the last chain.
  • Row 2: Chain 4 and turn.  Work 3 dc into the first chain from the turning chain that you just worked.  *Work a single crochet into the first ch 3 space from the previous row, chain 3, then work 3 dc into the same space.  Repeat from * into each ch 3 space across, then work a sc into the topmost chain of the turning chain at the end of the row.
  • Repeat row 2 until your shawl is as long as you like.  I worked the one shown until it was about 44 inches long.

Finishing & Assembly:

  • Weave in any ends and your scarf is ready to wear!

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