Granny Stashdown Crochet Challenge 2024!

Welcome back to the annual Fiber Flux Granny Stashdown Crochet Challenge! Each year we gather up all of your yarn scraps and dive in for a yarn stashbusting adventure! Are you ready to crochet along?

Granny Stashdown Crochet Challenge

How does it work?

The Granny Stashdown Crochet Challenge inspires you to use up all of those yarn scraps that you may have lying around. Remnants from projects long ago, pieces that may be too short for a new project, or those that are just too pretty to toss. Then we make a beautiful and very unique granny square blanket that is full of color and texture!

What can I use this for?

  • A unique and beautiful (not to mention super warm) blanket to display in your home
  • A gift in the recipients favorite colors
  • A donation to a shelter
  • A local blanket drive
  • An animal shelter (lots of them need blankets or mats for the metal and concrete floors)

If donating, check with the organization first to see if they need them at this time and if there are any donation requirements first.

What do I need to get started?

  • Yarn scraps of any kind
  • A bin, basket, or favorite container to collect your scraps
  • A large crochet hook (Im using a 10 mm P crochet hook because I am holding 4 strands of yarn for mine. If you are not sure which on you need for your stash, try a swatch first.
  • Tape Measure
  • Scissors
  • Large Yarn Needle
Granny Stashdown Crochet Challenge

How do I make the granny square?

We’ll be making a classic granny square, instructions are below. Also be sure to check out the video below where I walk you through the entire square stitch by stitch, plus some helpful tips too!

Can’t see the video? Get it here!

Granny square pattern

  • Chain 4, join into a ring with a slip stitch.
  •  Round 1: Chain 3, then work (3 dc into center of ring, chain 1) 3 times, then 2 dc into center of ring.  Join to close with a slip stitch.
  • Round 2: To work the corner of round 2, first chain 3, then 2 dc in same space, then chain 1, then 3 dc in the same space…first corner done!  Then chain 1, then work the next corner by working 3 dc in next space, chain 1, then 3 dc in same space, chain 1, repeat two more times to complete the round.
  • Round 3: Work the corner in the same manner as the previous round: chain 3, 2 dc in same space, chain 1, 3 dc in same space, chain 1.  To work the sides, simply work 3 dc in the next space then chain 1…repeat until you reach a corner again.
  • Repeat round three until the square is as large as you like!

Note: At the beginning of each round, you will need to slip stitch over to the corner space to begin the round.  If you are switching colors for a new round, finish the round, then cut the yarn and fasten off.  Tie new yarn into any corner space and begin the new round.

Helpful tips for the Granny Stashdown Crochet Challenge

  • You will be going through lots and lots of yarn, which means lots of ends! Weave them in as you go as much as possible, then trim. Some may not be able to be woven in, those you’ll need to weave in with your tapestry needle.
  • For the one I’m making (the one in the video), I’m holding four strands of yarn together. The best way to handle all of these strands is to treat it as if it were one strand. Also be sure all of the loops make it onto the hook with each pass of the hook.
  • If you are getting a lot of tangles (which is super common with the end of a yarn skein, try winding it into a ball or cake before you begin using it.
  • As shown in the video, I hold four strands of yarn. Because they are all different lengths, they run out at different times. When I’m ready to introduce a new yarn to the mix, I simply tie it right on and keep crocheting, weaving in the ends as I work. Trim as you go. I normally do a trimming of ends every few rounds or so.
  • You can do a color theme (I’ve done all brights and all neutrals in the past) or make it completely random! Those are my favorite ones. It is so fun not knowing how it will turn out. This is truly a fun and relaxing side project to work on throughout the year with absolutely no rules!

Let’s connect!

We have two special communities for our CAL makers! Each has a welcome area/thread, so please hop on and introduce yourself. You can get info, ask questions, help each other, see what everyone is doing, and show off your work too!

Join the Facebook group!

Join the Ravelry group!

Also, don’t forget to tag me and use the hashtag, #fiberfluxcal to share your work on social media!

I can’t wait to see all of your fabulous projects…please share those pictures and above enjoy, take some time to relax with your hook, and have fun!

Looking for more free crochet patterns? Check out my crochet pattern library!

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