Extra Cozy Crochet, 12 Free Patterns + Video Tutorials

Extra Cozy Crochet

It’s time for some extra cozy crochet! This time of year, I need all the cozy stuff.  Check out these 12 free patterns, each with the squishiest, warmest yarn ever.  Each one of them is made with thick yarn and a large hook, so you can stitch it up super quick too.  Happy cozy crocheting lovelies! If your’re looking for some more cozy winter projects, check out this winter crochet video playlist!

Go to the link under each photo to go directly to each extra cozy crochet free pattern + video.

Extra Cozy Crochet

Bonfire Blanket Wrap is a fabulous oversized wrap perfect for an evening by the fire,

Extra Cozy Crochet

Candy Ribbons Scarf is a beautiful scarf that is extra cozy thanks to super squishy yarn,

Extra Cozy Crochet

Deep Comfort Cowl has the ultimate luxury feel thanks to fancy faux fur yarn!

Extra Cozy Crochet

Easy Beginner Ribbed Pom Hatis a simple to make hat finished with a giant pom pom on top,

Extra Cozy Crochet

Family Room Throw this generously sized blanket is super warm and looks great in any home,

Extra Cozy Crochet

Fuchsia Skies Blanket this blanket is equally warm too and is fun to choose from the different color combinations too,

Mountaintop Super Scarf if you’re looking for a big warm oversized scarf, this is the one! This is a perfect scrap yarn project too!

Northern Exposure Hat this hat is full of texture but with super simple stitches. Top it off with a yarn pom pom or a beautiful faux fur one like I did!

Luxuriously Cozy One Hour Cowl this cowl will keep you extra cozy thanks to super thick yarn. Made in just a few quick rounds too!

Snow Berries Blanket Shawl a shawl that feels like wearing a blanket? Perfect!

Snow Berries Throw this gorgeous throw will take you from the holidays all the way to Valentine’s Day and beyond,

Sugar Cookie Scarf, this easy and fun scarf looks just like some yummy sugar cookie dough waiting for the oven!

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