Crochet Squares! 12 Fabulous Projects

I absolutely love making crochet squares.  They are small and portable, and many times they are a wonderful way to practice a new stitch or technique.  They are also a great way to experiment with color.  Make one in a cozy yarn to join together for a blanket, or make a single square in cotton yarn for an amazing dishcloth too!

Note: Click on the link under each photo to go to the free crochet pattern.

Also, don’t miss my latest crochet square, the Planet Earth Square!

Planet Earth Square

Ok, onto the 12 squares in our lineup!

Alpine Steps Square

Box of Color Square

Corner To Corner Granny Square

Solid Granny Square

Granny Mitered Square

Classic Granny Square

Holiday Spruce Square

Strawflower Granny Mitered Square

Strawflowers in The Window Square

Stripy Spikes Square

Super Stitchy Dishcloth

Winter Woods Mitered Square

© Jennifer Dickerson 2021

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One thought on “Crochet Squares! 12 Fabulous Projects

  1. I love the vibrant colors that make these squares so captivating! Thank you, Jennifer! 🙂

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