Spring Flair Crochet Earrings, Free Crochet Pattern + Video

Spring Flair Crochet Earrings

The Spring Flair Crochet Earrings are a sweet and simple project perfect for warm weather!  Pretty beads and just a bit of colorful embroidery floss make these hoop earrings extra special.  These make a lovely and easy gift idea too!

Watch a full video tutorial on how to make the Spring Flair Crochet Earrings:

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  • G (4.0 mm) crochet hook 
  • Embroidery floss (I used DMC cotton floss in #603-pink, #964-aqua, #340-lavender)
  • Cross stitch needle (I used a DMC size 24 tapestry needle) 
  • 10 Seed Beads (I used clear)
  • Scissors 
  • Jewelry pliers or needle nose pliers
  • Earring hoops, jump rings, french hook/ear wires (as an alternative, you can use an existing pair of hoop earrings that you’d like to upcycle too!)


  • 3 inches tall (finished height depends on the hoop you use)
Spring Flair Crochet Earrings


  • Beginning with the first color you want to use (I started with lavender), string on 5 of the beads onto the floss with the needle.
  • Tie the floss onto the hoop.
  • Row 1 (lavender floss): ch 1, then work 9 sc into the center of the hoop.
  • Row 2: (lavender floss): Ch 1 and turn.  *Work a sc into the first stitch incorporating a bead into the stitch (slide the bead over as far as possible against your work and work the stitch).  Work a sc into the next st (no bead this time).  Repeat from * across until all 5 beads have been incorporated into the row.
  • Row 3 (pink floss): On the same side where you left off with the last row, tie on the new color floss. Ch 1 and turn (beads should be facing you), Work 2 dc into the hoop part, then work a sc into each of the stitches from the previous row.  Then at the end of the row, work 2 dc into the hoop. Finish off the row by working a slip stitch into the hoop.
  • Row 4: (pink floss): Ch 1 and turn.  Work 2 sc in each of the first three stitches.  Next work a sc in each stitch across the row until three stitches remain.  Work 2 sc in each of the three remaining stitches.
  • Row 5 (aqua floss): Tie new floss on, bring up a loop and turn (no turning chain).  *Work 3 dc into the first stitch, slip stitch into the next stitch, skip the next stitch.  Repeat from * across to the end of the row.  You’ll have a total of 6 scallops. Finish the row by working a slip stitch into the last stitch/same stitch as last scallop worked.

Finishing & Assembly:

  • Fasten off and weave any ends that remain.  If your crochet has slipped around on the hoop as you worked, slide it back into place so it is centered on the hoop.
  • To assemble your earrings, gently pry open the jump ring with the pliers.  Add the hoop ring and french hook/ear wire to the ring.  Carefully pry closed and they are ready to wear!
Spring Flair Crochet Earrings

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