Fluffy Valentine Heart Wreath, Yarn Craft + Video

Fluffy Valentine Heart Wreath

Let’s make a fluffy Valentine heart wreath! Need a super fun and fast wreath?  I’ve got you covered!  Using fluffy (faux) fur yarn and a repurposed wreath form, I made this cutie in minutes!  Plus it used LESS than one ball of yarn…awesome!  I love the look of mine with nothing else on it, but you could also add a pretty bow, or other decorative elements to personalize it for your home.  Scroll down to see how I made mine with a repurposed wreath form and for lots more Valentine project ideas too!  Need a little extra help? There’s a full video tutorial too!

Watch the full video tutorial on how to make the Fluffy Valentine Heart Wreath:

Can’t see the video? Get it here!


  • 1 ball of Red Heart Fur(I used the “Azalea” colorway, this is a faux fur, 100% polyester yarn)
  • Wreath form of your choice (use a smooth form like styrofoam or wire–grapevine wreaths would get tangled in yarn)
  •  Scissors
Fluffy Valentine Heart Wreath


  • 14 inches wide
  • 12 inches tall
  • *Size may vary according to the wreath form you choose.
Fluffy Valentine Heart Wreath


  • Note: Check out the video to watch how I make the wreath step by step, including how I re-purposed a wreath form!
  • Tie yarn around wreath form to get started.
  • Begin by neatly wrapping yarn around the form pushing it together as you go, so none of the form shows through (my form had tiny hooks around so I went in a zig zag pattern wrapping the hooks as I went)
  • When finished wrapping, tie the two ends together.
  • Add a hanging loop using the same or matching piece of yarn.
  • Add a bow or other decorations as desired.
  • Hang for a beautiful yarny Valentine decoration!

Looking for more Valentine projects? Check out my Valentine’s Day crochet pattern library here!

Fluffy Valentine Heart Wreath

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5 thoughts on “Fluffy Valentine Heart Wreath, Yarn Craft + Video

  1. Jennifer, love your videos, you've made a crocheter out of me! Where did you find the Red Heart Fur in Azalea?? Michaels will only order qty of 12. 😏

  2. Hello, dear! 😊
    Your new project for Valentine's Day so amazing 👌 that I wish to include one of your pictures in a Round-Up of Crochet Projects for Valentine's Day that I'm going to publish soon in my blog. Of course, I will attach the appropriate link to your blog.
    Have a lovely Sunday! 💕 🍃🌸🍃 Anabelia Craft Design

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