Fall CAL Color Inspiration!

Good morning crocheters!  As we are gearing up for the Fall CAL (in case you missed yesterday’s post, here’s week 1, intro and supplies), I made this post to give you some crochet along inspiration…so much fun!

In case you’re just joining us, here’s the schedule of our CAL:

So many of you have been sharing your color choices and others have been asking about additional colors to be used…I though it would be lots of fun to put some additional palettes together.  I’ve created 4, 5, and 6 color combinations for some variety.  Pick and choose what you like, or use them as a springboard for your own inspirations!  Which one is your favorite?

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All of the yarn shown below is Red Heart Super Saver Chunky, for those of you who can’t get this yarn in your country, Red Heart Super Saver is a Bulky “5” weight yarn that recommends a 8.0 mm “L” crochet hook.  Stick with those guidelines and you’ll be fine!  Please be aware not all colors are available everywhere.

Many of you mentioned already that you’ll be using regular Super Saver, click below for some color inspiration for that yarn too!

Using classic Super Saver? Click here for tons of color options too!

Check out my color ideas below!  Which is your favorite? (Note: names of the colors are in parenthesis below each palette)

Let’s connect!

goldenrod, cherry red, real teal, gray heather

gray heather, buff, goldenrod, light grey 

goldenrod, tea leaf, gray heather, buff 

claret, cherry red, tea leaf, real teal 

turqua, soft white, cherry red, real teal 

flamingo, minty, dark orchid, blue 

blue, dark orchid, cherry red, goldenrod, tea leaf 

coffee, buff, tea leaf, goldenrod, cherry red 

dark orchid, buff, grenadine, gray heather, blue, goldenrod 

goldenrod, coffee, tea leaf, cherry red, real teal, dark orchid 

blue, real teal, dark orchid, cherry red, grenadine, flamingo

petal pink, soft white, minty, light gray, tea leaf, buff

Happy crocheting lovelies!  See you next week for the second part!

© Jennifer Dickerson 2018

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