2018 Summer CAL Color Palette Inspiration!

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Happy Monday crocheters!  If you’re still looking for a little CAL color inspiration, you’ve come to the right place!  

Also, we have a special group for us on Ravelry, the “Fiber Flux CAL Group” There is a welcome area, so please hop on and introduce yourself. You can get info, ask questions, help each other, see what everyone is doing, and show off your work too!

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Lots of you have been sharing your color choices and others have been asking about additional colors to be used…I though it would be lots of fun to put some additional palettes together.  Below are some new colors, but I drew upon past CALs too!

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The first set of yarn shown below is all Red Heart Dreamy color combinations, colors as soft as the feel of the yarn!  Also keep scrolling for other yarns…Baby Hugs Medium (used in the Spring CAL) and Red Heart With Love…two more similar weight yarn types you could use too!

***Important note:  Some of you were reporting seeing a 5 on your Dreamy and some saw a 4 (myself included!) on their yarn label for yarn weight…As long as you use a yarn that recommends a 6.5mm “K” crochet hook you’ll be just fine!

Check out my Dreamy color ideas below!  I used 3 color combinations, but definitely feel free to try a solid garment, two colors, or more than 3!  What are your favorites?

Colors are listed underneath palettes in order from left to right:

Aqua, Gray, Dark Taupe

Caribbean, Ivory, Aqua

Dark Taupe, Calm Breeze, Aqua

Dark Taupe, Dream Catcher, Ivory

Dark Taupe, Mountain Top, Gray

Lavender, Gray, Ivory

Sweet Dreams, Rose, Ivory

Ethereal, Rose, Lavender

Ivory, Calm Breeze, Aqua

Here are some color combinations using Baby Hugs Medium: 

“Peppermint Hugs”

sprout, happy, pinkie

“Ombre Hugs”

orangie, peachie, pinkie

“Summer Hugs”

bluie, jellybean, sunny

“Beach Hugs”

sky, hopscotch, happy

“Spring Hugs”

2018 Fiber Flux CAL colors as shown in photos and tutorials

lilac, happy, frosting (I’m using With Love in “White”), sky

“Neutral Hugs”

frosting, shell, dolphin, teddy

Because we’re also using With Love from Red Heart, here are some colors from this yarn too!  Some are new combos, some are from past CAL inspirations as well!

“Rich Berries”

lilac, plum jam, hot pink, iris

“Summer Garden Palette”

hot pink, fruit punch, lettuce, iced aqua

“Baby Love Palette”

white, bubblegum, aqua, daffodil, lettuce

“Autumn Tones Palette”

merlot, cornsilk, autumn, mango, lettuce

“Bright Pastels Palette”

lettuce, blue hawaii, bubblegum, daffodil, white

“Calm Blues Palette”

bluebell, aqua, pewter, white, true blue

“Cool Tones Palette”

true blue, aubergine, parade, lilac, jadeite

“Countryside Palette”

bluebell, cornsilk, beachy, white, lettuce

“Desert Landscape Palette”

white, mango, delightful, pewter, cameo

“Early Fall Palette”

mango, white, lettuce, bluebell, cornsilk

“Elegant Garden Palette”

lettuce, mallard, lilac, pewter, aubergine

“Foliage Palette”

lettuce, jadeite, white, pewter, mallard

“Fruity Fun Palette”

hot pink, aqua, fruit punch, lettuce, mango

“Garden Palette”

white, hot pink, iris, cornsilk, jadeite

“Hot Tones Palette”

hot pink, iris, plum jam, lilac, holly berry

“Jewel Tones Palette”

aubergine, mallard, hot pink, true blue, jadeite

“Lavender Ivy Palette”

white, true blue, lavender ivy, lilac, lettuce

“Modern Palette”

minty, white, mallard, papaya, pewter

“Precious Metals Palette”

cornsilk, white, pewter, mango, black

“Purple Lovers Only Palette”

white, iris, lilac, pewter, aubergine

“Rich Primary Colors Palette”

pewter, white, cornsilk, merlot, true blue

“Tropical 1 Palette”

lettuce, white, blue hawaii, lilac, papaya

“Tropical 2 Palette”

aqua, white, blue hawaii, lilac, papaya

“Tropical Fruit”

papaya, minty, cornsilk, lettuce, bubblegum

“Waterlily Palette”

cornsilk, aqua, waterlily, lilac, lettuce

© Jennifer Dickerson 2018

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