Merry Berry Crochet Garland

The Merry Berry Crochet Garland is full of holiday cheer!  This easy and pretty crochet pattern makes a lovely addition to the home.  I made mine for a window, but you can make an extra long one for a tree, mantel, or even a mirror.

This is part of the Merry Berry collection:

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  • Worsted weight yarn in colors of your choice (yarn shown is Red Heart Super Saver in “Cherry Red” “Paddy Green” and “White”
  • J (6.0 mm) crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors


  • Larger circles are 5 inches across
  • Smaller circles are 2 inches across
Merry Berry Crochet Garland

Instructions for Larger Circles:

  • Ch 4 and join into a ring with a slip stitch (Work this in white).
  • Round 1 (white yarn): ch 4 (counts as a dc), then (dc into center of ring, chain 1) 11 times. Join to close with a slip stitch.
  • Round 2 (red or green yarn): Chain 4 and work a dc in the same space. Chain 1, then work two double crochet in the next (chain 1) space. Keep doing this all the way around, working 2 dc, ch 1 in each space. Join to close round with a slip stitch.
  • Round 3 (white yarn): Chain 2, then work a hdc in the same space.  In the next space (in between each dc post), work 2 hdc. Repeat around circle, then join to close with a slip stitch.
  • Round 4 (red or green yarn): Work a sl st into the first st, a sl st into the next st, then in the next st (sc, ch 2, sc). Repeat this sequence all the way around the circle. Fasten off.

Instructions for Smaller Circles:

  • Ch 4 and join into a ring with a slip stitch (Work this in red or green).
  • Round 1: ch 4 (counts as a dc), then dc into center of ring 11 times.
  • Join to close with a slip stitch.

Finishing & Assembly:

  • Weave in all ends.  
  • Determine how much spacing you’d like in between the circles.  
  • I found it helpful to lay out all of the circles the way I wanted before beginning.  
  • The garland shown has 12 chains in between each.  
  • To begin, chain 12, slide a circle onto your hook and work a sc to add it on.  
  • Ch 12, then add another circle, ch 12, add another circle and so on.  
  • Finish up by doing 12 more chains.

Watch a video on how to crochet the Merry Berry Garland stitch by stitch:

Can’t see the video? Get it here!

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Merry Berry Crochet Garland

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