The Merry Berry Dishcloth is a fun, easy, and pretty way to add a little holiday cheer to the kitchen this season.  Crocheted in festive stripes and finished with a pretty edging, the Merry Berry Dishcloth makes a great gift too…try working a few up to make a set of them!

Merry Berry Dishcloth

By Jennifer Dickerson

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This Dishcloth was inspired by my Lotus Bloom Dishcloth pattern, get the pattern here!


  • Cotton Dishcloth Yarn of your choice (this pattern is perfect for using up yarn leftovers)
  • H (5.0 mm) Crochet Hook
  • Tapestry/Yarn Needle
  • Scissors


  • 8 Inches Across


Note: For the basic round, stitches are worked into the spaces (vs. the stitches).  Click here for a helpful tutorial for learning how to stitch into the spaces…

(You can work your dishcloth in any colors/striping order you like, but if you want yours as pictured, I’ve indicated what color each round is.  When changing to a new color, I simply cut the yarn and tied the new color on, weaving in the ends as I went.  If you have a preferred method for joining new yarn, feel free to use any technique you like)

Foundation (worked in white): Chain 4 and slip stitch into the chain farthest from your hook to form a ring.

Round 1 (worked in white): Chain 3, then work 11 dc into center of ring, join with a sl st to join round.

Round 2 (worked in red): Ch 3, then work a dc in the same space, *2 dc into the next space, repeat from * to end of round.

Round 3 (worked in white): Ch 3, then work a (dc, ch 1) into the first space, then *1 dc into next space, ch 1, then repeat from * to end of round.

Round 4 (worked in green): Ch 3, work a dc in the same space, then work *2 dc into the next space, then repeat from * to end of round.  

Round 5 (worked in white): Ch 3, work a 2 dc in the same space, then work *3 dc into the next space, then repeat from * to end of round.  

Round 6 (worked in red): Ch 2, then work a hdc in each space all the way around (in between each dc from previous round).

Round 7 (worked in red): Note: this round is worked in the stitches (not spaces).  Work a *sl st in the first st, sl st in the next st, then in the next st, work (sc, ch 3, sc).  Repeat from * to end of round.  Fasten off.


Weave in all ends and you’re done!

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2 thoughts on “Free Crochet Pattern…Merry Berry Dishcloth!

  1. Very pretty! We've just moved to a fixer-upper and won't be doing a lot of decorating this year because of the work being done so I've been making small, festive items to help get in the mood. This is a PERFECT candidate for that!
    Thank you for sharing!

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