Charity From the Sky: The Ground Cover Project!

(Photo courtesy Ann Morton, used with permission)

A few months ago, I told you all about a charitable public art project project I was involved in…The Ground Cover Project!

Based in Phoenix, Arizona and conceptualized and ran by artist Ann Morton, its aim was to create a large ground covering made up of 300 knitted, crocheted, and quilted blankets. They formed a giant image of a desert flower that covered an entire empty lot! Yes, each square you see above is full sized afghan! After that, each of the 300 blankets are distributed to local people experiencing homelessness–just in time for the cold months.

Here is a zoomed out aerial shot of the giant finished blanket! Isn’t it amazing?

(Photo courtesy Ann Morton, used with permission)

And…here I’ve circled the blanket I completed and sent! Although I couldn’t be in Arizona, it is so cool to see it all together…special thanks to Ann Morton for sharing these pictures.

(Photo courtesy Ann Morton, used with permission)

Here’s the blanket before I sent it, tagged and ready to go:

And here’s the wonderful packet I got in the beginning, Ann even enclosed a lovely handwritten note! All along the way, everything was super organized (can you imagine coordinating 300 blankets?) and the Ground Cover website provided lots of help and updates all along the way.

Such a fun, exciting, and rewarding project…so glad I participated. 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Charity From the Sky: The Ground Cover Project!

  1. this is so cool! no, warm! and really beautiful – congratulations to all the artisans, and to all the people who will be warmer this winter. and really, congratulations to the City, for its willingness to participate and promote good public art.

  2. what a wonderful and compassionate idea … bringing art as well as warmth to the streets and to those in need !!! congrats, Jennifer, on your participation … thumbs up !!

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