Make A Fabulous Fall Fascinator

If you are in need of a little extra adornment this week or are unable to wear a full costume, here is a cute little project you can make…a fall fascinator!  Using ribbon, some fall goodies, and of course a yarny accent…you can whip one up in no time.

To make yours you’ll need:

  • A headband
  • Ribbon
  • Some fallish accessories (silk leaves, pumpkins, netting, or pretty much anything you can think of!
  • *Of course I had to have a yarny addition on mine, so I added a crochet leaf (Click here for pattern)
  • Felt that matches headband (I used black for both)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Begin by making the bow.  This will serve as the base and everything will be attached to it.  I layered both black sheer ribbon and orange satin together.  To make a simple bow, start with a short tail and pinch,

Next make loops, holding each one down as you go.

Tie off with a scrap piece of yarn or ribbon.  Do not trim yet.

I found this autumn sprig of fall things at the craft store…pull it apart and decide what you’d like to use.

I decided on the pumpkin and the two leaves.  I placed the pumpkin in the middle first and wrapped the wire around the entire bow.  Then I glued the leaves to the underside of the pumpkin.  Finally, I added the crochet leaf (click here for pattern).  

Cute!  If you want to give your fascinator a vintage look, add a bit of netting and let it hang down a bit.

Remember those yarn/ribbon tails from making the bow?  Grab your headband…

And tie it right to the headband securely.

Next, cut a small circle out of the felt.

And glue it to the back to hide everything and make it look more finished.

All done!  Be sure to let everything dry completely before wearing.  Happy fall!

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