CAL: Repeats and Length Choices

Good morning lovelies and a very happy Friday to you!  Can you believe we’re in the home stretch of our cowls?  Let’s take a minute to recap…so far we’ve:


We’ve been busy bees!  Today I want to share some ideas to make your cowl the length you want.  I’ve chosen to make my cowl exactly like the one in the pattern.  However, if you’d like to make yours a little longer or shorter, I would like to encourage you to make your project exactly how you want it.  I believe that with any pattern, it is always helpful to be able to change things a bit if you need to.  This is your project and you should have it exactly the way you want!  This cowl pattern is very flexible in the sense that it can be easily customized for a variety of sizes…here are some ideas:

  • Make yours shorter for a neck hugging cowl
  • Make it as pictured for a medium length, more loose cowl (as pictured on the pattern)
  • If you are tall and need a bit more length, or you would like it to be longer, simply work more repeats until you get it to your desired length
  • You could also double up the length to make it a very long infinity scarf, allowing you to wrap it around your neck twice.

Here’s the pattern link too, for handy reference

The best tool is to use a tape measure…you could use a ruler or yard stick, but the tape measure is flexible and allows you to wrap it around your neck, etc.  I have a inexpensive retractable one that I love because I don’t have to wind it back up when I’m finished.

Each panel of the cowl is six inches long, and there are three sections, single, double, and treble.  To get the finished length shown in the picture (36 inches), work single, double, treble…then repeat that sequence one more time, 6 total panels X 6 inches per panel = 36 total inches.

Perhaps it is the artist in me and not the mathematician  but I tend to work a length until it suits me by trying it on here and there to see what I like best.  I do like to have the measurement guidelines a a reference, but I definitely want to see how it will look while wearing it too.  In other words, you could determine measurement and crochet your piece using your tape measure as a guide, or you can toss it around your neck from time to time to check it.  I do a combination of both.

I would like to ask you dear readers…are you crocheting your cowl to the length of the pattern, or are you venturing into new lengths?  I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas,  Any questions are welcome, and I will try to answer them as quickly as I can.

As always, please be sure to share your ideas and pictures:

Several of you have finished and shared your beautiful pictures…keep them coming!  At the end of our CAL, I’ll be creating and sharing a gallery of everyone’s work…can’t wait!

Next week is the last day of our CAL, all about the finish work…a super important part of a project.  And the following week we’ll show them off!  Yippee!!!  Have a lovely weekend folks!

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9 thoughts on “CAL: Repeats and Length Choices

  1. Just wanted to let you know that for some reason, the pictures are not showing. I tried opening on my computer and my IPad and all I get is the little red X on the cornner.

    1. Hi Wanessa! Thank you for letting me know…it seems to be OK now, I saw exactly what you were talking about…I think there was some kind of technical problem, but all seems to be well now, it seems as it has resolved itself. I checked my tablet too and in two different browsers and the pictures seem to be showing now. Please let me know if you encounter any other problems. Happy crocheting! 🙂

    1. I think it is OK now, I deleted the dysfunctional pictures and reloaded them…I hope everyone can see them!

  2. I think I am going to make mine the length of the pattern. I have finished crocheting mine but I am waiting to see how you finish it next week and then I will share a photo.

    1. Congratulations on finishing! I can't wait to see it…I am looking forward to this Friday's CAL, it has been so much fun!!!

  3. Great project!
    I'm visiting from CrochetHappy Group on Rav..just popping in to say "HI"

    Tracy Joyner

  4. OK, I think we are all set now…I took down the photos that were not showing and re-uploaded them and that seemed to do the trick. I hope everyone can see them now! Have a lovely Saturday!

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