Fabulous Winter Bulk…17 Pretties For Toasty Winter Warmth

It’s cold, I mean really…it’s has been like living in Antarctica lately.  And the wind!  Right through my bones.  With a little longer until spring, I’ve been reaching for my coziest pieces to keep me warm until the warm weather decides to makes its arrival.  Here are a bunch of things you might like too.  Knit and crocheted with soft and lovely bulky yarn, they’ll keep you warm while making them too.  Stay toasty folks!

Scrap Love Scarf (Crochet)

Strawberry Jam Neck Wrap (Knitting)

Meringue Cowl (Crochet)

Toddler Rugby Hat (Knitting)

Butternut Squash Neckwarmer (Crochet)

Pinot Noir Infinity Scarf (Crochet)

Spice Cowl (Knitting)

Fiona Button Scarf (Crochet)

Matilda Hat (Knitting)

Key Lime Neck Wrap (Crochet)

Preschooler Rugby Hat (Knitting)

Pavement Infinity Scarf (Crochet)

Mulberry Shawl (Crochet)

Little Man Scarf (Crochet)

Cloudy Sky Mobius Cowl (Crochet)

Friendship Boot Cuffs (Crochet)

Cherries In Bloom Infinity Scarf (Crochet)

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