2 cute little boys I know needed a handmade lovely and I knew just the thing.  I made them in superhero colors and they are fabulously soft and cozy.  I used Lion Brand Hometown in a bright navy called “Fort Worth Blue” and a classic red called “Cincinnati Red” 

I used the Little Man Scarf pattern, which I have been loving because it allows you to make a beautifully simple scarf in just a bit of time.  I made another one just like it earlier this month, so I’m up to three of them so far!

Click here for the Little Man Scarf Pattern 

Got to keep the little ones warm!  Happy Sunday to you stitchers!

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3 thoughts on “Brother Scarves

  1. love superman, batman and all superheroes. we make things for our little men not just for the girls. One idea is a grass green mat with hills etc for soldiers or a blue one with white waves for ships cause they can't always play outside

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