Free Crochet Pattern…Pumpkin Patch Edging!

Here is a cute edging for your fall festivities…a crochet edging with sweet little pumpkins in a little row!  It is super simple and fast, you can have your own pumpkin patch in no time!  Suitable for chunky yarns or lighter weight yarns too, experiment to see what you like best!

Pumpkin Patch Crochet Edging

By Jennifer Dickerson

Click below for a full video tutorial:

Note: This edging looks super cute in a multitude of different yarn weights…the pumpkins above were made with Wool Ease Thick and Quick (N hook), while the pumpkins below in the tutorial were made with worsted weight (H hook), see what you like best!

Here’s what you do:

For demonstration purposes, I made a little swatch to build it off of…just a few rows of double crochet,

The edging is made of multiples of 3, so plan accordingly.  The edging has a single crochet foundation row, so I tied the “dirt” color for my pumpkin patch into the left corner…

Now work a row or single crochet in each space (or stitch if you like) all the way across, 

Now tie your pumpkin color in the left hand corner of your piece as well (I didn’t weave in my ends as I went along, but it is much less work later if you do it as you go along).

Now in the first space, work one single crochet, next space work one single crochet…now you’re ready for your first pumpkin! 

In the next space (the entire pumpkin will be in this space), work a slip stitch,

then a double crochet, 

then a treble crochet, 

now chain three for the stem,

and make a slip stitch in the third chain from the hook to finish the stem,

stem is now complete…

now work another treble crochet, 

and a double crochet,

and finish it off with a slip stitch. 

To keep going, work a single crochet in the next space, a single crochet in the next space, and you’re ready for another pumpkin!

There you have it…add some pumpkins to garments, a cozy fall afghan, or embellish the top of a Halloween goodie bag!  How about a fall scarf too?

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14 thoughts on “Free Crochet Pattern…Pumpkin Patch Edging!

    1. Yes…the chunky one is Wool Ease Thick and Quick (Lion Brand) and the smaller pumpkins were made with acrylic worsted I had lying around..I think some red heart for the brown, Vanna Baby for the pumpkins, and some old vintage for the green. 🙂

  1. Perfect for fall! Hope you won't mind me sharing this at Tangled Happy this week. Thanks for sharing your pretty fall edging pattern! 🙂

  2. I know it is a pumpkin edge but they remind me of little spikes. I am going to use this as a border for a dinosaur blanket I am making for my grandson. Thank you for sharing this.

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