Noodle has adventures in stitching too!

The cover boasts “soft to touch wool on every page”, if that isn’t an attention grabber, I don’t know what is!

Saw this at the library and had to get it…a beautifully illustrated children’s story about knitting, Noodle’s Knitting by Sheryl Webster and Caroline Pedler.  The talking animals and setting reminds me vaguely of Beatrix Potter (who I am a HUGE fan of).   

Plus the yarn (on every page and the cover) has a velvet-like texture…this will surely pique a kid’s interest in knitting!

Noodle the mouse has come across a beautiful ball of yarn, discarded by the farmer’s wife, and decides to make the most amazing scarf, she knits and knits (and knits) using her tiny needles given to her by a sweet little hedgehog, until…the scarf is so long it fills her entire house!

This book is fun to look at for knitters of all ages, totally recommend!

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4 thoughts on “Noodle has adventures in stitching too!

  1. I was just at the library yesterday with my kids, but we will HAVE to go back today and see if they have that book – absolutely adorable !! The story line sounds good, and those illustrations are beautiful ! Thanks for sharing !

  2. Thank you for your kind words. So glad you are enjoying it…it means a lot! Be sure to check back from time to time, there are more free patterns in the works! Happy Knitting!

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