Crafty Tutorial: Fall Leaf Rubbings

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Hiking is something  I love almost as much as knitting, which is saying a lot because it s a physical activity.  Well, isn’t knitting too?  Yup, hands and arms moving…definitely exercise.

Anyway, a few days ago I took the most amazing hike along a beautiful creek.  Fall is the best time in my opinion to go with the combination of cool weather and gorgeous scenery.  I can’t seem to walk anywhere this time of year without picking up some leaves, and this time was no different.  I just kept stuffing them in my pocket as we went along.

I ended up with quite a few and when we got home, I busted out the crayons for a fun little project (and educational it turns out)

Fall Leaf Rubbings


*1 Sheet of Large White Paper (I used recycled desk calendar paper, didn’t try this, but paper in a color might look neat too)

*Beautiful Fall Leaves (Color not so important, just make sure they are sturdy and no holes, etc)

*Fallish Crayons

That’s it.


Slip leaf under paper.

Rub across with crayon until entire leaf shape is revealed.

Repeat until paper is filled.

If you want to get fancy, look up your leaves and label them (this turned out to be quite interesting, all information found online.

Disclaimer! Hopefully these labels are correct, not a very scientific study…note the one  labeled “White OR English  Oak” Ha!

Hang up to remind you of your autumnal nature walk!

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