Beautiful Crochet Flower Blossoms! 12 Free Patterns + Videos

Beautiful Crochet Flower Blossoms

Are you ready for some Beautiful Crochet Flower Blossoms? Spring is in full bloom and let’s celebrate with some gorgeous flowers!  Flowers are so fun to make and you can use them to adorn all kinds of things, earrings, bookmarks, hair accessories, shawls, and lots more!  Happy crocheting lovelies!

Beautiful Crochet Flower Blossoms

Flowering Herbs Shawl

This shawl celebrates spring with beautiful rows of beautiful crochet flower blossoms. Included in the picture are pink, yellow, and purple flowers, but you can make your blossoms any color you like!

Beautiful Crochet Flower Blossoms

Blushing Blossoms Earrings

These hoops are made extra cute thanks to sweet crochet flowers. East to make and fun to wear!

Beautiful Crochet Flower Blossoms

Botanical Bookmark

Crochet this gorgeous bookmark to liven up any reading session. Also makes a beautiful gift for any book lover too!

Beautiful Crochet Flower Blossoms

Crochet Button Flowers

These happy flowers are so easy to make and can be added to any tote bag, headband, shirt, or even as a fun statement pin too! Save up your favorite buttons for these flowers!

Beautiful Crochet Flower Blossoms

Curlicue Rose

Making a rose couldn’t be easier with this pattern, just some simple stitches and voila! A gorgeous rose!

Beautiful Crochet Flower Blossoms

Boutique Daisy

A simple one round crochet flower paired with a bit of ribbon and a pretty button makes a fabulous statement. Add this one to just about anything to give it a little extra!

Beautiful Crochet Flower Blossoms

Layered Ruffle Flower

This gorgeous flower is full of color and texture thanks to lots of ruffled and layered petals. Add a fun button for the perfect finishing touch!

Beautiful Crochet Flower Blossoms

Lotus Bloom Dishcloths

These dishcloths are so pretty and fun to make, it’s hard to make just one of them. I made a whole rainbow of them!

Beautiful Crochet Flower Blossoms

Maui Blossom Dishcloth

Crochet this fun dishcloth featuring bright tropical flowers. They’re east to add on too because of the join as you go (jaygo) technique!

Beautiful Crochet Flower Blossoms

Peony Spa Scrubby

This scrubby would be a gorgeous addition to any bath!

Beautiful Crochet Flower Blossoms

Pretty Blossoms Greeting Card

This greeting card is extra special with beautiful flowers, button leaves, and pretty ribbon stems. Makes a gorgeous way to send a message!

Beautiful Crochet Flower Blossoms

Travel Blooms

Add a fun extra to a tote bag, but also never lose a suitcase again with a bright crochet flower! You’ll be able to spot your unique flower in a sea of suitcases or simply add some beauty to your travels!

Looking for more spring crochet patterns?  Check out my spring crochet pattern library!

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