Grape Soda Scarf, Free Knitting Pattern + Video Tutorial

The Grape Soda Scarf is a super fun one skein project that is easy to knit!  Ready to try something besides basic knit stitches?  This scarf is a very beginner-friendly departure into something a little different.  This scarf was designed to be a fun kid’s scarf, but you can easily size it for any one too!  

I am so super excited that this project is part of the Christmas In July Make Along with Underground Crafter!  There are crochet, knitting, and sewing projects too!  Check out all of the projects throughout July on the Underground Crafter’s page here.  Also be sure to join the Facebook group to join all of the Make Along makers here!

Full video tutorial here: 

(Can’t see the video?  Click here!)


  • 4.0 mm G US 8 (5 mm) knitting needles
  • 344 yards (315 meters) of #4/medium weight yarn (I used one cake of Lion Brand’s Mandala Ombre in the “Chi” colorway
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure

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  • Scarf itself is 32 inches long
  • Each pom pom is 3 inches wide
  • Total length (scarf plus both pom poms is 38 inches long)

Note: you can easily adjust the length by working more rows of the pattern.


CO 30 (any even number is ok if you want to change the width)

Rows 1-4: knit all stitches.

Row 5: K2, *yo, k2tog from * across until 2 sts remain.  K2.

Repeat row 5 until scarf is 32 inches long or desired length (be sure to leave plenty of yarn for the last 4 roes, bind .

Repeat rows 1-4 once more then BO all sts.  Weave in ends.

Finishing & Assembly:

To make an optional pompom at either end, cut a piece of yarn about 12-18 inches long.  Wrap yarn about 275 times around your hand.  Tie tightly in the center of the “bundle” and cut all loops, keeping the two ends long (to attach to scarf later).  Trim ends to give your pom pom a “hair cut” until the pompom is more compact and neat looking.  Repeat for the second pom pom.

Tie each pom pom at either end of scarf.  To give it the pretty centered “cinched” look, use the first tail and weave it through the scarf edge from right to left.  Weave the second tail from left to right.  Gently pull the two ends until scarf cinches up and tie tightly. You can just trim these two ends flush to the pom pom at this point and they will disappear into the pom pom.  Repeat for second pom pom and its ready to wear!  

Happy knitting lovelies!

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4 thoughts on “Grape Soda Scarf, Free Knitting Pattern + Video Tutorial

  1. Thank you for the free pattern. It is so cute! Love the colors. Awesome video. I did not know how to make pompoms. lol Great to learn how. Such a great idea for a fun knit. Thanks for sharing this. Best wishes and happy knitting! Dot

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