How To Crochet A Spa Headband (Summer Spa Getaway CAL)

It’s spa time!  Welcome back to the 2021 Fiber Flux Summer Crochet Along…yippee! We are working an amazing series of projects this time…the Summer Spa Getaway CAL!  Each week we’ll make a different spa item (everything is listed below on the schedule) and at the end, you’ll have a beautiful collection of spa themed crochet items that you can use for self-care or lovely gifts too!  This series is easy and fun…meant to be a relaxing, easy going summer project, all part of our spa theme!

Today we’re working on a spa headband, a gorgeous closed shell stitch headband that can be used for keeping the hair off of the face with creams, masks, etc.  Or, simply wear it as a fashion statement too…it’s that pretty!

Want a little help? There’s a full video tutorial below too! 

Spa Headband

By Jennifer Dickerson

Below is the schedule of all of the projects we’ll be making during the CAL!  

  • Friday June 4, Intro + Supplies 
  • Thursday June 10, Mini Spa Pouf
  • Thursday June 17, Spa Headband
  • Thursday June 24, Spa Cloths
  • Thursday July 1, Spa Soap Saver
  • Thursday July 8, Spa Back Scrubby
  • Thursday July 15, Spa Face Scrubbies
  • Thursday July 22, Spa Basket
  • Thursday July 29, CAL Recap & Reveal
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    Finished Sizing:

    • 2 inches wide
    • 20 inch circumference


    Ch 13 (multiple of 6+1)

    Row 1: In the 4th ch from the hook, work 2 dc. *Skip two ch then work a sc in the next ch. skip 2 ch and in the next ch, work 4 dc. There will be 3 ch left on the row. Skip the next two ch, and in the very last ch, work a sc.

    Row 2: Ch 3 and turn. Work 2 dc in the sc from the previous row. *Work a sc in the center space of the fan from the previous row (area in between the posts right in the center). Work 4 dc in the sc in between the next two fans. Work a sc in the turning chain space to finish the row.

    Repeat row 2 until the piece is approximately 20 inches long. Be sure to save about 18-24 inches of yarn to work the seam (see below).

    Do not fasten off and sandwich the two ends together. Work a slip stitch seam into both layers all the way across (see the video if you need to see the seam worked + a few tips too).

    Weave in any ends that remain.

    © Jennifer Dickerson 2021

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    3 thoughts on “How To Crochet A Spa Headband (Summer Spa Getaway CAL)

    1. The link to add this to our Ravelry queue takes us to the Pouf pattern, not headband, thought you should know. Love the pattern for the headband, it was easy to make!

    2. This pattern is great. For the second version I made, I added a row of single crochets along the chain before starting the first row and it is very sturdy. I tried a third version to double the width but it has not worked yet. Thank you for sharing this pattern!

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