How To Join Yarn With A Magic Knot, Tutorial + Video

Magic Knot

The Magic Knot (also called the magic join) is a super easy and quick way to join a new yarn without all of the bulk and hassle of weaving in ends.  Just 4 fast steps and you’ll have a strand that smoothly goes from one strand to the other with just a tiny little knot! This works great if you need to simply join on a new ball of yarn to your project or if you are at a spot where you want to switch colors.

All you need to get started is your two yarn strands and a pair of scissors! 

Also check out my video tutorial to follow along as you learn:

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Magic Knot

Begin with two strands of yarn side by side, one going in one direction to the right, and one going in the other direction to the right.

Magic Knot

Next, tie each strand end to the other as shown above. I like to tie mine with a couple of inches in between.

Magic Knot

Gently and slowly pull both ends so that the ties slide toward each other and meet.

Magic Knot

Trim both tails (careful not to trim the knot!) and you’ve done the magic knot…easy as can be!

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One thought on “How To Join Yarn With A Magic Knot, Tutorial + Video

  1. Thank you for this tip. I have found it challenging to put two strands together. I originally came to this page because of your tutorial on the Nostalgic Granny Stocking via YouTube. However, I can't find the full written project you said was here. Will you kindly help me please? I'm teaching myself new stiches while I'm healing from surgery. I find it helpful to see the pattern as well as watch it so I can learn how to read patterns. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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