How To Style An Asymmetrical Wrap

So you’ve crocheted or knitted an asymmetrical fun, right?  Now how on earth do you wear it?  Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!  Here are several pretty ways you can style your shawl, but have fun creating some of your own wrapping techniques too!

For this tutorial, we are using the Comforts Of Home Wrap, our pattern for the 2020 Fiber Flux CAL!  We are having so much fun making this wrap, come crochet with us!

First up is the full coverage way to wrap.  This way gives the most front coverage and shows off the tassel too.

1. Place the wrap across the chest with the point facing downward, letting the point with the tassel hang down near the waist/hip area.

2. Wrap the other point around the shoulder.  Note: This looks very pretty and elegant as is, or you can continue to step 3.

3. Bring the point with the tassel around the back of the neck, over the shoulder and allow the tassel to hang down the front of the chest.  This will allow the wrap to stay put.

Next up is a more cowl-like style way to wrap.  This style is a little less chest coverage, but gives a little more bulk around the neck if more warmth is needed.  Tassel hangs in the back.

1. Drape wrap around one shoulder while holding tasseled end with your hand.

2. Wrap tasseled end around the front of you and over the shoulder so that the tassel is in the back.  Arrange folds of the wrap around the neck area to give it a flowing drape.

The next way to wrap is a more elongated look, perfect for showing off all of those stripes of color!  Tassel is shown in the front.

1. Wrap non-tasseled end of wrap across the chest and extend the tasseled end outward.

2. From behind, bring tasseled end up and over the shoulder so that the end hangs low and tassel is in front.

For a simple and more traditional look, try draping it over the shoulders for a simple and fuss-free look.

The last wrap style is a reverse of the first style we learned.  This is ideal is back coverage is needed.  Simply repeat steps from the first style (see above) except in reverse so that it lays across the back instead of the chest.

I hope you found these wrap techniques helpful and inspiring!  How do you wear an asymmetrical wrap?  Share your ideas in the comments!

© Jennifer Dickerson 2020

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