2019 Fiber Flux Spring CAL, Flowering Herbs Shawl, Week 1: Intro & Supplies

Welcome to the 2019 Fiber Flux Spring Crochet Along…yay! Today marks week one of the CAL and we’ll be learning about the beautiful project we’ll be making…the Flowering Herbs Shawl!  This project is perfect for the transition of spring, from those chilly days to the warm up!  We will be going over a few things today to begin:

  • Introduction to the project
  • Supplies
  • Schedule of the CAL
  • Where to connect with other makers

The CAL will be divided over the next four weeks, so we’ll tackle each part bit by bit. Scroll down for the schedule with actual dates and what we’ll be doing on each day/week.

*This is a self-paced project, so definitely go at the speed you feel most comfortable. The instructional videos and posts will be up forever and you will always be able to go back and watch again and again!

Here is a quick video introduction to the CAL and more information about supplies too:

Add this project to your Ravelry queue by clicking on the button below:

First things first…the supplies!

Materials Needed:

  • 5.0 mm “H” crochet hook
  • Red Heart Chic Sheep-3 balls “Linen” 1 Ball “Polo” and 1 ball “Fairy Tale  Note: You can use additional colors if you’d like more flower colors like I did, but it’s not necessary.  You’ll have plenty of yarn if you used only one ball color for the flower rows.  If you want to add more flower colors to you shawl like I did, I also used “Mimosa” and “Vineyard” too!
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure

Get yarn for this project here!

(Affiliate link)

Here’s our CAL schedule below for easy reference:

  • Wednesday April 3 (that’s today!): Introduction to the CAL, the project, approximate size of finished project, yarn, and supplies needed.
  • Tuesday April 9: V-Stitch Section of the Shawl
  • Tuesday April 16: Puff Stitch Flowers
  • Tuesday April 23: Tassels & Finish Work 
  • Tuesday April 30: The BIG CAL reveal!

Last part…let’s connect! You can connect at any of the social media platforms below:

Also we have a special group for us on Ravelry, the “Fiber Flux CAL Group” There is a welcome area, so please hop on and introduce yourself. You can get info, ask questions, help each other, see what everyone is doing, and show off your work too!

Click HERE to visit and join the group!

I can’t wait to see all of your beautiful springy shawls…please share those pictures and above enjoy, take some time to relax with your hook, and have fun! That’s all for today lovelies, see you next week for part two!!

© Jennifer Dickerson 2019

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3 thoughts on “2019 Fiber Flux Spring CAL, Flowering Herbs Shawl, Week 1: Intro & Supplies

  1. I have a question. Can I substitute another WW#4 yarn for the Chic Sheep? At this time I can't afford to buy the yarn. It will be a month before I can get it. I will be in the hospital next week receiving chemo, I thought this would be a great way to occupy my time by working on and finishing some WIP"s that I have to complete.

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