2019 Fiber Flux Temperature Blanket CAL: Part 3 Row 2 & Beyond

Hello temperature blanket crocheters!

As we are nearing the end of January and working hard on our blankets, a couple of you have asked me to make a video on how to start row 2.  More specifically how to join a square onto 2 squares and how to join a square onto 3 squares.  These scenarios happen only after you begin row 2.  If you’re wondering too, be sure to check out my video below where I’ll walk you through both of these types of joins, plus my way or keeping my squares organized before I add them onto my blanket!

Here’s the video:

(Can’t see the video?  Click here!)

If you’re just joining us and are ready to get started, check out the links below:

Check out Part 1-Intro, Getting Organized, and Supplies HERE

Check out Part 2-Making Squares & Joining Squares HERE

Please visit and join the Fiber Flux CAL group on Ravelry to get updates, see everyone’s progress (fun because we all live in different places in the world with a variety of temperatures!  Also, get questions answered, help others, and show off your work.  

Click HERE to visit and join the group!

Use the hashtag #fiberfluxcal to share your work or tag @fiberflux on social media!

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