2019 Fiber Flux Charity Challenge CAL-Soap Sacks

Hello lovelies!  I have a fun and exciting project to share with you today!  Here at Fiber Flux headquarters, I’m launching several CALs to kick off 2019…this January we’ve launched the Temperature CAL, and coming soon will be the Stashdown CAL too!  BUT, I have one more to share with you today, a very special one that I’ve been wanting to do for a couple of years now…a Charity CAL!   

On my own, I normally do charity projects throughout the year…baby hats, shawls, etc. and send them off for donation.  I thought it would be fun and meaningful to share these types of projects by partnering up with a charity each year to make a community-wide effort to help those in need.

This year we’re partnering up with S.A.C.K. (which stands for Supporting A Community With Kindness).  This is a wonderful organization that gives back to communities by providing a bar of soap in a beautiful, yet simple handmade little “sack” or pouch.  Soap and personal care items are always a high demand item and the pretty little pouch gives it a handmade touch to show that someone, somewhere cares.  Plus, they can be very useful too!

Check out my video for more info:

I recently caught up with the founder of the organization, Stacy, who started locally in her area and now the organization has exploded in growth and the sacks have been distributed world wide!  This is a great project because:

  • It helps those in need, and there is an urgent need!
  • You can knit OR crochet them (pattern links are below)
  • Each one takes small amounts of inexpensive and readily available cotton dishcloth yarn.
  • All you need is cotton yarn, “H” or “I” hook and a tapestry needle!
  • The project is small so you can whip up a bunch.
  • The project is very portable
  • You can donate them to S.A.C.K. or distribute them locally on your own…your choice!
  • Easily keep track of how many you’ve made with this free chart, mine is in the photo above.  (Get it HERE)

My favorite yarn for this project is Red Heart Scrubby Smoothie, get yarn for this project here:

Get yarn for this project here!

(Affiliate link)

So this year I am committing to making 100 of them in 2019 and I want to challenge you to get involved too!  Make as many as you like and send them to S.A.C K. or on a local level if you prefer.  I can’t wait to see all of your efforts…the Fiber Flux community is the BEST!  As always with our year-long crochet alongs I will update in spring, summer, fall, and winter, culminating at the end of the year with a big wrap up!

For more information about donating, check out the site HERE.  It includes everything you need to get started!

Crochet pattern

Knit Pattern

Tags to attach to your donations

Not sure where to donate locally?  Try HERE and HERE

Please visit and join the Fiber Flux CAL group on Ravelry to get updates and see everyone’s progress.  Also, get questions answered, help others, and show off your work.  

Click HERE to visit and join the group!

Use the hashtag #fiberfluxcal to share your work or tag @fiberflux on social media!

Extra special thanks to Stacy at S.A.C.K. for partnering up on this project!

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10 thoughts on “2019 Fiber Flux Charity Challenge CAL-Soap Sacks

  1. I just donated 25 of these with soap to our local homeless shelter. They worked up quickly and were much appreciated. Amazon has good prices on brand name soap by the case.

  2. Hi, thank you for the opportunity to give something cute and usable to people in need. I plan on donating to my (somewhat) local shelter in Boise Idaho. The link to the tags comes up as the knitted pattern and I was hoping to get a working link. Thank you again, Michelle B ❤

  3. Thank you for this post. I try to crochet for charity and just finished #hatnothate. I just today found this page and am SO excited to make Soap Sacks. I was clicking on some of the links for information, etc. Your link for the tags to attach to the sacks takes me to the knitted patterns. I cannot find the link for the tags. Please help. Thank you.

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