2018 Temperature & Stashdown Wrap Up!

Happy 2019 lovelies! Many of you have been working on the Fiber Flux Temperature Shawl & Granny Stashdown projects over the last year and they have been gorgeous! As we are wrapping up those projects, I wanted to also announce THREE year-long CALs this year, they are all being announced this month! So stay tuned, exciting things are coming!!

Those of you who love our seasonal CALs (spring, summer, fall, holiday), not to worry…those will be happening too!

So let’s recap shall we? First up was the super fun temperature shawl. I wanted to choose an unconventional project that you could wear. The results were so vibrant! So interesting and exciting to look at!

We took the average weekly temperature so it was a nice low-key project to add on throughout the year.  I loved working on this one. 

Next up was our Granny Stashdown Blanket Challenge CAL!  The challenge was to only use yarn that you had…not so hard right?!?  I chose pinks, purples, and blues from my stash and I was pleasantly surprised at the result! 

The granny was easy to stitch on a little at a time and made a perfect end of the year gift during the busy holiday season.

Thanks so much to everyone to everyone who participated and I hope you can join us for the CALs in 2019!  Happy stitching everyone!

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© Jennifer Dickerson 2019

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2 thoughts on “2018 Temperature & Stashdown Wrap Up!

  1. Hi Jennifer. Did you cover weaving in the ends for the temperature shawl? I was going to do it on my own but thought I'd see if you covered it somewhere and I just missed it. Thank you!

  2. First, thank you for all your wonderful projects and especially the tutorials; I have learned so much from you. I have been working on both these projects all year. I thought you were going to offer a easy way to finish all the ends (there are so many) on the temperature blanket but I haven't seen anything on that. Thank you so much.

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