All About CAL Sizing: Land & Sea Cardi

Hello lovelies!  I was getting some questions about sizing this week, so I thought I’d create a step by step visual to review and walk you through how I sized my cardigan sweater!

There are almost as many different yarns being used as makers this time around for our CAL, so I kept measurements simple, so that anyone, using any hook, any tension, and any yarn can size it up just the way you need it…we’re keeping it that simple!

OK, first things first…several of you reported in about the hexagon “ruffling” like this as you worked up the rounds:

 That is totally ok and perfectly normal…when we fold everything up, it will flatten out nicely (see below).

First, you’ll need to measure from the base of your neck down to your wrist, this will determine how big to make each hexagon.  Next, fold one of the hexagons in half like so so it makes an upside down “L”

Now, with the piece laid out in front of you as shown in the photos, measure the top edge, using the photo below for reference:

This will help determine how the sweater will fit…if it is a little short, simply add couple more rounds to your hexagon.  I actually wanted a little more of a slouchy fit, so I added a few more to mine beyond my own measurements.  Below you can see the same shape on the finished sweater to give you an idea of what we’re after:

Before you commit to seaming (next week), try clipping it together where you’ll be seaming and go ahead and slip it on! (I used clothespins once and chip clips another time!)  See how I did it?  Then I could try it on and see exactly how it looked:

After you get your hexagons just right, we’ll be putting both folded hexagons together and seaming next week!

Here’s a sneak peek of how they fit together..neat right?

See you next week and happy crocheting everyone!

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