2018 Fiber Flux Spring CAL! Springy Stripes C2C Blanket, Week 1: YARN Giveaway, Intro, and Supplies!

Welcome to the 2018 Fiber Flux Spring Crochet Along…yippee! Today marks week one of the CAL and we’ll be learning about the beautiful project we’ll be making…the Springy Stripes C2C Blanket! This is a fun to stitch up blanket that allows the maker to play around with color.  Also wanted to mention a big thanks to those of you who have requested a c2c project! 

Also, a very special thanks to Red Heart for sponsoring this CAL and giveaway!  Keep reading to learn how you can enter for a chance to win 9 balls of With Love to make this project!

We will be going over a few things to begin:

  • Introduction to the project
  • Supplies
  • Sizing
  • Schedule of the CAL
  • Where to connect with other makers

For this CAL (crochet along) we’re going to be making a beautiful striped c2c blanket!  This has been a highly requested item in the Fiber Flux community, so I am beyond thrilled to get started on this project!  The CAL will be divided over the next few weeks, concluding with a fun showcase of blankets in our maker gallery! Scroll down for the schedule with actual dates and what we’ll be doing on each day/week.

*This is a self-paced project, so definitely go at the speed you feel most comfortable. The instructional videos and posts will be up forever and you will always be able to go back and watch again and again!

Here is a quick video introduction to the CAL and more information about supplies too:

(Can’t see the video? Click here!)

Add this project to your Ravelry queue by clicking on the button below:

First things first…the supplies!

Materials Needed:

  • 6.5 mm “K” crochet hook
  • Size 4 medium weight yarn of your choice, approximately 2200-2500 yards (I’ll be using 2 balls of Red Heart Baby Hugs Medium in “Lilac”  2 balls of Red Heart Baby Hugs Medium in “Sky”  2 balls of Red Heart Baby Hugs Medium in “Happy” and 2 balls of Red Heart With Love in “White” I also got an extra 1 ball of the “happy” colorway yarn to add pompoms in week 4 of the CAL.  *Note: if you need to substitute yarn, just look for a yarn that is a 4/medium on the yarn weight scale and recommends the 6.5 mm K hook.
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure or Ruler (optional)

The finished blanket (if you make the exact one I’ll be making in the pattern and video is approximately 50 inches tall and 50 inches wide.  I making mine a large baby blanket/kid sized throw.  The blanket height and width can be adjusted by simply working more or less rows of the pattern.  The first half of the blanket we’ll increase the square and the second half we’ll decrease, using roughly half of the yarn for the first half of the square.

*Note: if you want to make your blanket larger, more yarn might be needed.  Check out the chart below for common blanket sizes:

Get yarn for this project here!

(Affiliate link)
Here’s our CAL schedule below for easy reference:

  • Thursday May 10 (that’s today!): Introduction to the CAL, GIVEAWAY, the project, size of finished shawl, yarn, and supplies needed.
  • Friday May 11: Color palette inspiration on the blog!
  • Wednesday May 16: CAL Giveaway ends.
  • Thursday May 17: Week 2-c2c increase
  • Thursday May 24: Week 3-c2c decrease
  • Thursday May 31: Finish work and adding pompoms
  • Friday June 1: The BIG CAL reveal!
  • Thursday June 14: Today is Spring CAL Maker Gallery Day! Check it out to see all of the gorgeous blankets from the Fiber Flux community!

Let’s connect! You can connect at any of the social media outlets below, be sure to use the tag #fiberfluxcal for your photos.

Also, we have a special group for us on Ravelry, the “Fiber Flux CAL Group” There is a welcome area, so please hop on and introduce yourself. You can get info, ask questions, help each other, see what everyone is doing, and show off your work too!

Click HERE to visit and join the group!

Last thing…the YARN GIVEAWAY!  Enter for a chance to win 9 balls of With Love yarn from Red Heart!

Now is you chance to win some yarn of your own! Enter to win using the Rafflecopter below (sometimes it takes a moment to load). Giveaway ends May 16th and is open worldwide.   Now go, go, go, and enter!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I can’t wait to see all of your fabulous blankets…please share those pictures and above enjoy, take some time to relax with your hook, and have fun! That’s all for today lovelies, see you next Thursday for part two!!

© Jennifer Dickerson 2018


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54 thoughts on “2018 Fiber Flux Spring CAL! Springy Stripes C2C Blanket, Week 1: YARN Giveaway, Intro, and Supplies!

  1. Hi I love the colors you chose for this project! I just learned how to do C2C so I am super excited to start this CAL!! YAY! I would stick with the spring colors. They are just so pretty!!!Thank you so much Jennifer and Red Heart Yarns!

  2. Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway!!! Beautiful colors… especially the purple ��

  3. I'm so sorry your link won't let me Post a comment on your blog, And it won't let me in to your the contest Either. I really wanted to enter and get on your blog to get to know your group better. But I can't, I'm very disappointed.

  4. Thank you for sharing your great patterns and super helpful videos! You are a great teacher! I have learned so much from you! 🙂
    Very grateful for you, Jennifer!

  5. I always look forward your blog posts and tutorials. Thank you for teaching me how to crochet 2 years ago!

  6. I think I'll wait until the color selection cede cones out tomorrow to choose colors. I'm looking forward to this Cal

  7. I'm a fairly new crocheter but I'm very intrigued by C2C – love the way it looks and this pattern looks like a good starting point! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. This C2C blanket is Sooooo beautiful!! I can't wait to make it. I am a brand new crocheter – BUT, I have been watching so many video tutorials and practicing with yarn I have (different sizes and textures and hooks) and I just know this will be easy – especially watching your tutorial as I have seen many of yours. I am in the process of moving so I will have to catch this in the video 're-runs' lol. But I sure do hope I win some yarn…would be so helpful as I am disabled and only get, well, lets just say, not even $1,000.00 per month. I just spent money on a kit to make coasters using tee-shirt yarn (can't wait!!) and also on the Knit Pick website I bought a Learn to crochet dish cloth set…comes with 3 skeins of yarn to make one dish cloth I think – then I picked 3 more colors separately to make another color dish cloth…and a bag to throw my crochet things in. I'm just so excited but cannot afford to buy the yarn for the C2C blanket so was hoping to win. Hopefully!! With the move, everything will be so expensive. It costs $500.00 just to rent a truck with 2 movers to move my things, which is very little, from Saint James City to Ft. Myers!! Insane. Anyway. After I put my things in storage, (and finish my coasters, dish clothes and doggy mat for food dishes) Then I will be able to start the C2C – by then my next monthly check should come in. Anyway, a big thank you for doing all your tutorials – especially this one!! <3 – Jamie Yott~

  9. I can't wait to see your video for this c2c technique. I'm thinking of just doing black and white for colors.

  10. I need to make some baby boy blankets, so I would probably choose colors like white, blue and green.

  11. ow sweet are you – a CAL AND a giveaway?!! Awesome! Red Heart with Love has some cool new colors – I would probably choose True Blue, Tiger Lily and White to make a blanket for a friend undergoing her second round of chemo right now (she is a big Denver Broncos fan). Thanks for the chance to win! And thanks for organizing these cool CALs – I made a blanket with your last Summer Sail Away CAL too! 🙂

  12. I'd choose the colors you have above for my girls or maybe a green and brown/tan theme if I made it bigger for our bed.

  13. Hi jennifer love your you tube channel and your blog. Im so excited to do they 2018 spring throw blanket. Thanks jennifer for all you teach us and make crochet fun!!!!!

  14. I picked red heart with love in gray,white and purple. It was hard to find the red heart medium baby yarn at joanns michaels or hobby lobby

  15. I'd choose color anther pink E300-3938…love those rich colors. thanks for breaking down the C2C technique. I have struggled with it.

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