Nostalgic Granny Crochet Tree Skirt

Nostalgic Granny Crochet Tree Skirt

The Nostalgic Granny Crochet Tree Skirt is a gorgeous yet totally easy tree skirt for a lovely handmade touch this holiday! Easy granny triangles are joined and a button closure makes the skirt super easy to put on and take off too!

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Nostalgic Granny Crochet Tree Skirt

If you haven’t joined us on our Ravelry group, click below to join the fun! There is a special welcome area, so please hop on and introduce yourself. You can get info, ask questions, help each other, see what everyone is doing, and show off your work too!

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Nostalgic Granny Crochet Tree Skirt

To make it easy for quick reference, I’ve put everything on one page, so here you go! So whether you’re just joining us, halfway through, or putting the finishing touches on your tree skirt, help along each step of the way is below!

Starting with Week 1: Introduction to the project and supplies:

On week 2, we learned how to make the granny triangle and the JAYGO technique:

For week 3, we added a lovely scallop edging, sewed on buttons, and wove in all of those ends:

Some special notes to add for the Nostalgic Granny Crochet Tree Skirt:

  • I steam blocked mine and I found it helped everything lay nice and flat…tutorial here:  

  • My tree skirt was made to cover my tree base with just a bit around the edge of the floor.  We have a train around our tree, so the one I made had to be a perfect fit. It could not be too big so the train tracks could sit right on the hard surface of the floor.  If you want yours to be bigger than this one, just make each triangle have more rounds.  The edging is still worked the same, there is no special stitch count needed.  I did this on purpose because we all most likely need a different size for our tree.  Some of you have shared cute little trees on a table top. While others have shared some artificial in a narrower base, and some that were very, very big! 💖
Nostalgic Granny Crochet Tree Skirt

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Nostalgic Granny Crochet Tree Skirt

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