Review: Jul Designs Screw-In Pedestal Buttons

I absolutely love buttons of any kind…especially the extra unusual and unique ones!  I recently received three different sizes of screw-in pedestal buttons to check out, courtesy of Jul Designs (special thanks to them for sending me such a fun item to check out!)

These buttons are unique because you can screw them together to button anything you like…a shawl, scarf, wrap, etc.  The top “pedestal” is very minimal and modern and doesn’t compete with the look of your accessory.  Because the buttons screw together, it creates a great hold so your accessory doesn’t slide off or come apart while wearing.  Then when you’re done, unscrew it and wear it again next time!  Here’s what the back looks like too:

I received the three sizes of the Jul Screw-In Pedestal Buttons and filmed the unboxing and demonstration of how to use them here:

(Can’t see the video? Click here!) 

Special thanks to the folks at Jul Designs for sending their gorgeous and unique buttons! I received buttons to review, all opinions are my own.

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