The BIG Crochet Along Reveal…Presenting the Forest Splendor Shawl!

It’s here! The BIG crochet along reveal…Presenting the Forest Splendor Shawl!

Let’s connect!

Just joining us? Scroll down for links to each week of the CAL, plus the video for each week too!

If you haven’t joined us on our Ravelry group, click below to join the fun! There is a special welcome area, so please hop on and introduce yourself. You can get info, ask questions, help each other, see what everyone is doing, and show off your work too!

Click HERE to visit and join the group!

To make it easy for quick reference, I’ve put everything on one page, so here you go! So whether you’re just joining us, halfway through, or putting the finishing touches on your blanket, help along each step of the way is below!

Starting with Week 1: Introduction to the project and supplies:

On week 2, we learned how to work the pattern stitch:

For week 3, we learned about changing colors, joining a new ball of yarn, and wove in all of those ends:

Maker gallery coming November 14!  This will give you a bit more time to work on your projects.  Love participating in crochet alongs?  Stay tuned…the 2017 Fiber Flux Holiday CAL is starting later on this month!!!

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