How I Knit and Crochet On The Go…New video!

With summer on its way, tis the season for road trips and day trips!  As a mom, I am constantly running errands and shuffling kids around too.  I make sure I always have my trusty project bag wherever I go.  In fact, most of my crochet and knitting time is here and there throughout the day in between everything else going on!

A YouTube viewer asked me the other day what I use when I’m on the go with my projects…check out the video below where I take my tote bag apart and reveal the contents!

Let’s connect!

Click below to see how I travel, road trip, and run errands with my crochet and knitting!

(Can’t see the video?  Click here!)

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One thought on “How I Knit and Crochet On The Go…New video!

  1. I have a huge collection of Vera Bradley tote bags, most with the open toggle closing – so I decided to use (at least half a dozen of) them to store current projects in my at-home stash. I have enough of the VB bags that I can even "color cue" a VB bag to the predominant colors of the project. ;-D I don't travel with these bags; I have a couple of zipper-top bags I use for travel.

    I also use the large organza bags that one online yarn source sends their product in, as an interior bag alternative to your freezer-bag idea.

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