Yarn 101: Boutique Unforgettable By Red Heart

Welcome to Yarn 101! In this series, I will be sharing more information about the many different and wonderful types of yarn out in the marketplace. I often get questions from the fabulous Fiber Flux readers about yarn. I hope you will find this information helpful and be sure to check below for a link to a free pattern with this yarn too!

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This Yarn 101 will feature Boutique Unforgettable By Red Heart. This yarn is soft, readily available, and comes in all of the absolutely gorgeous colors shown below:

Below is a quick little video detailing all of the important information including weight, recommended hook and needle sizes, care instructions:

(Can’t see the video?  Click here)

I have a free crochet pattern made with this yarn, the Philomena Shawlette, shown in the “Echo” colorway:

Have you used this yarn? Be sure to comment below with your thoughts. Would you like to see another yarn featured in this series? Please share, I love requests!

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Happy crocheting lovelies!

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8 thoughts on “Yarn 101: Boutique Unforgettable By Red Heart

  1. I just finished my first project with Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable, and I LOVED it!! I made a simple triangle shawl with the Dragonfly colorway (the purple! the turquoise!) and it turned out just gorgeous! It was a total joy to work with, the roving-style yarn just slid like buttah through the J hook. In fact, I had so much fun using Boutique Unforgettable that I had to rush out and buy 4 more skeins (well, it WAS on sale) to make 2 more shawls as gifts. This time I will try Meadow and Bistro.

  2. Love the softness and colorways of this yarn, but it's terrible if you make a mistake and have to frog your project. I actually have 8 skeins of this yarn, 4 of each of two colorways, and I haven't tried to use it again after my first two attempts. Anyone have any hints?

  3. I just finished making a simple shawl with this yarn (the Dragonfly colorway) and enjoyed making it much! The roving-style yarn was a dream to work with! I had so much fun making it that I had to rush out and buy more of this yarn (using Meadow and Bistro this time) to make two more shawls to give away!

  4. I love this yarn and have been using it a lot to make scarf and shawls. I love the way the yarn colors melt into one another. And it just wash and wear which makes it so easy to take care. My customers are buying up whatever I make even before I make. Works well with lace patterns too.

  5. I absolutely LOVE working with Red Heart Unforgettable!
    I have never been disappointed with the outcome of any project that I use this yarn on.
    I hope Red Heart NEVER discontinues this yarn and even expands on the color choices!!
    There is a group on Facebook called Red Heart Unforgettable Fans, with almost 5,800 members to date, and I have been a part of that group within a month of the yarn coming out.
    Please keep this yarn in the Red Heart Repertoire!

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