Top 10 Fiber Flux Videos of 2015!

A few days ago I shared the top 10 patterns of 2015,but it was a great year for videos too!  Do you know that over 30 million minutes of video was viewed in 2015?  Incredible!  According to Google, that’s over 57 years! (love those little factoids they give)

Here are the top 10 most watched videos of 2015, thanks so much for your views, likes, and subscribes!  

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Starting at number 10…

# 10 Pavement Infinity Scarf

# 9 Everyman Scarf

# 8 Everybody Scarf

# 7 Cilantro Cowl

# 6 How To Make A Flower On A Loom

# 5 Margaret Button Cowl

# 4 Sorbetto Blanket and Play Mat

# 3 Fiona Button Scarf

# 2 Arm Knitting Basics

# 1 How To Finger Knit

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