Haven For Hands Hook Set Giveaway!

I recently received a pretty set of hooks to try out from Haven for Hands.  Inside the flower printed burlap case is a set of 9 hooks, each with a colorful, ergonomic rubber grip.

The hooks range in size with the smallest one a 2.0 mm all the way up to a 6.0 mm.  Each hook is comfortable and pleasant to hold, making crocheting a breeze!  Each hook has a metal top, free of any rough spots, eliminating any snags in the yarn too. 

In addition to the hooks, the set also comes with a handy retractable measuring tape, foldable scissors (so neat!), and 10 stitch markers.  This set is perfect for tucking into your yarn tote or basket for pretty tools on hand anytime you need them!

Haven for Hands has generously given one set for a Fiber Flux giveaway… Thanks so much to Sarah from Haven for Hands!  Enter below using the Rafflecopter, giveaway ends November 13.  Now go, go, go and enter!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Can’t wait?  Want yours now?  Click below to purchase this very affordable set from Amazon:

Happy crocheting lovelies!

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136 thoughts on “Haven For Hands Hook Set Giveaway!

  1. I enjoy your FB postings – you bring beautiful crafts to life, not only yours but also of other vendors. So nice to see that you appreciate others and can share your talents as well as theirs.

  2. Would love to win this! I just purchased a hook with a larger handle and my hand does not get as tired as before. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. What a perfect crochet set! Thank you for the contest! Would love to win it. I carry a project with me where ever I go just to be safe!

  4. Great giveaway, my hands always hurt when I crochet. These hooks look great. Thanks for sharing fingers crossed! Thanks!

  5. I'm so excited about this give away! Ergonomically friendly needles is exactly what I need! I love your website and appreciate all the effort you put into it!

  6. Thanks for a great giveaway! My hands are always hurty with the plain metal hooks I have now. Maybe these will help!

  7. I've just learnt to knit this week and now I'm so hooked (excuse the pun) I'm already looking at how to crochet next! Brilliant giveaway 🙂

  8. Such a useful and fun item! I may have to get several for Christmas presents! Thanks for the give away!

  9. This is so exciting! The hooks are so colorful they just make me want to crochet with them all at the same time, lol! And the cute scissors and case! so fun:) Thanks so much to you and Haven for Hands for offering this giveaway.

  10. The colors of these hooks are so cheery in addition to providing a comfortable grip. Thank you for hosting this giveaway, and thank you, Sarah, for offering this wonderful set.

  11. These are great hooks! Would love to win a set,thanks for the chance.I love the blog, there are so many great tutorials!

  12. This giveaway has everything you need to start crocheting….love it!!! Always wanted to try hooks like this and the accessories are fantastic! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!!

  13. Wow I would love to be chosen as the Winner of these Colorful Crochet hooks.. In a Special Case too.. right now mine are in a SF Drink Mix tube with a lid… and I have to dump them all out to find the one I need to use… Thank you …

  14. Thank you so much for making such an interesting blog !! Everyday I look forward to recieving your email and discovering a new stitch or something I didnt know about ! Daily with your help I am learning more !! Thank you !!!

  15. What a pretty set of hooks! The handles look comfy to hold and easier on the hand. I would love to own this set.

  16. Would love to have this set. These are already on my wish list for Christmas. How fantastic it would be to win them! Thank you Fiber Flux

  17. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity! I've tried so many of the tutorials that you've posted. Thanks for making them so easy for us to understand and reproduce!

  18. What an AWESOME & FUN Give-a-way!!!!! Thank you so much for the chance to win! 😀

    Thanks too, for all the free patterns, and sharing you do… You are such a great Encouragement to me for sure! 🙂

  19. I love your blog! I have found so many useful patterns and ideas by following you. Thanks for the time and energy you put in sharing them with us.

  20. I would love to win these wonderful hooks. I crochet, play fiddle and quilt. These would be such a great help as far as hand fatigue goes. Thanks for the giveaway.

  21. Oh man could I use one of these sets. As I am getting older, though not that old, previous hand surgeries make crocheting with the thin metal hooks causes my hand to cramp. I have to limit my time crocheting. This would be great for me.

  22. I learned to knit and crochet when I was a child with both of my grandmothers and many great aunts. It was a wonderful past time. I look forward to relearning and teaching my daughter. Both of her grandmothers don't do any form of needlework any more, so it's up to me.

  23. I've never tried this kind of hooks, they look very comfortable!! and these colours!!!
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  24. these look great for less than dextrous hands, colourful and practical, would love to win
    thank you, carole eaves

  25. A cute set, far prettier than the ones I have seen in local stores. It would be a perfect gift to introduce the world of crochet to one of my daughters. They would get a kick out of having a nicer set than their mom!

  26. I have a few hooks that my Mom used to have that are covered with a larger wood handle. Nice to work with the larger handles. My fingers don't get as cramped up. So it would be nice to have a set of hooks with the ergonomic handles. My fingers aren't as young as they used to be and they would appreciate any kind of relief. 🙂

  27. Truly the best site ever! I'm learning so much from you as a beginner crocheter! Thank you also for the giveaway!

  28. Oh my!!! I want it. I follow you on youtube, instagram, blog and facebook!!!! I like the way you explain everything and keep it simple!!!

  29. These hooks would be a Blessings to me and my daughter, we Love to crochet beautiful things.We make blankets and hats for sick children, made hats for cancer and prayer shawls…and then when all finished we make something for us… Thanks for the giveaway.

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