Book Review: Washi Tape Crafts By Amy Anderson (plus my crochet hook gets a makeover!)

I was recently able to review Washi Tape Crafts by Amy Anderson (Workman Publishing, ISBN 978-0761184836).  I am already a fan of Amy’s Site Mod Podge Rocks, so I knew it would be full of good stuff.  

The first thing that grabbed my attention was that it came with 10 rolls of the tape, so you can get crafting right away…bonus!  If you’re not familiar with Washi tape, it is decorative Japanese paper tape that comes in beautiful and colorful prints.  It is versatile and super fun to decorate with (including my crochet hook…see below for photo and video tutorial!)

In fact there are 110 projects in this book…it is jam-packed with ideas!  I had so much fun flipping through…it is amazing what you can do with this tape.

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One of the project that was especially unique was the Washi tape wall paper…how neat would that be for a winter backdrop for photos or a holiday party?

I think one of my most favorite projects are the Washi votives.  I have a ton of these, so I couldn’t wait to decorate a few.  Here they are all lit up in the book:

And…here are a few I made. Just wrapped the tape around once, trim and that is it…talk about an instant gratification project…love them!

After playing with the tape for a while, I was inspired to decorate my crochet hook and add a pretty handle.  I simple taped it in a stripe pattern and viola!  Awesomely fun hooks…how pretty would this be to give with some yarn as a little gift?  So much fun!

I made a little video too on how to make your own Washi tape decorated hook…enjoy!

Happy crocheting lovelies!

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