Yarn 101: Issac Mizrahi Craft, University Yarn

Welcome to Yarn 101! In this series, I will be sharing more information about the many different and wonderful kinds of yarn out in the marketplace. I often get questions from the fabulous Fiber Flux readers about yarn. I hope you will find this information helpful and thanks so much for your great comments about this series too!

This Yarn 101 will feature Issac Mizrahi Craft in the University Line by Premier Yarns. This yarn is fun and easy to work with, a solid color (gray above is called “Barnard”, but more available–see below) with a multicolor metallic thread spun in (see more colors below). Below is a quick little video detailing all of the important information including weight, recommended hook and needle sizes, care instructions, and more:

Below are all of the pretty colors available, 6 to choose from!  Click on the images to purchase:

Craft University Yarn by Isaac MizrahiCraft University Yarn, 3 oz in Pratt by Isaac MizrahiCraft University Yarn, 3 oz in Julliard by Isaac MizrahiCraft University Yarn, 3 oz in Fordham by Isaac MizrahiCraft University Yarn, 3 oz in Parsons by Isaac MizrahiCraft University Yarn, 3 oz in Barnard by Isaac Mizrahi

Have you used this yarn?  Be sure to comment below with your thoughts.  Would you like to see another yarn featured in this series?  Please share, I love requests!

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Happy crocheting lovelies!

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8 thoughts on “Yarn 101: Issac Mizrahi Craft, University Yarn

  1. thanks for posting & reviewing the Isaac Mizahi yarn. I just pick some up last week & don't know
    what to do with it. I'm new at crocheting and just love all your tutorials by fellowing you I finish two neck warmer scarf and I love it I also love that you have videos that I can watch. can you suggest or make a video using the Isaac Mizahi yarn.
    Thanks you so much,

  2. Saw this the other day, started to buy it… but needed to get other yarn to finish a project. It is wonderfully soft and the colors are great. Cant wait to try some

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