How To Add Leather Handles To A Handmade Bag (The Easy Way!)

If you’re looking for a unique handle for a handmade bag, here is an easy way you can add interest and texture to your project.  Leather can be very difficult to sew, so I made a little shortcut that only takes about 10 minutes or so!

I made mine with some faux suede cord (see links below for where to find this item), but you can use other items to source your handles, this is a wonderful opportunity to recycle and repurpose!  Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Belts
  • Purse handles
  • Old garments such as jackets
  • Shoe strings

You can also buy leather (and faux leather) in sheets at the craft store.  The suede cord comes wrapped around cards or on a spool.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A (handle-less) bag (to make the bag shown, click here)
  • Leather or suede (you can use faux varieties as well if you prefer), see above for ideas or where to get leather
  • Hot glue (fabric glue also works well, or you can sew it on with a very heavy needle and heavy thread too).  I chose hot glue because it dries very fast and makes it easier to tack the heavy leather down in place.
  • Scissors

Step 1: Cut leather to length you like.  If you are making braided handles like I did, it is helpful to tape down the strands while braiding.

Step 2: Place a drop of glue on the inside edge of the bag where you’d like for your handle to be.  Repeat for the other end.

Step 3: If you’re adding a second handle, line it up with the first handle you’ve attached to ensure the two handles match.

Step 4: Let everything dry and cool completely before using.

Click below to watch a full video tutorial too!

Get materials for this project here!

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