Book Review: Edward’s Menagerie + Meet the Author Event!

Image courtesy of the author.

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I was so excited to be able to preview Edward’s Menagerie: Birds by Kerry Lord recently. This brand new book is exciting and endearing, with over 40 cleverly crocheted bird patterns, complete with full diagrams, assembly instructions, and detailed notes. I was already familiar and loved the first Edward’s Menagerie book (over 40 animals in that book) that came out prior to this book, so I knew the bird collection would be as lovely as the animals.

Each bird has their own personality…from colorful wings, adorable little feet, and creative color combinations too. The birds are not only creatively stitched, but perfectly huggable, a most important quality for a toy to possess. Below is a sampling of some of the patterns found in the book, I especially love the attention to detail…check out that parrot!

Images courtesy of the author.

The story behind both collections is heartwarming as well.  The author, Kerry Lord crafted the animals and birds for her son, Edward. You can read the full story here.

Each bird in the collection has their own special name too, such as “Celine the Dove” and “Hazel the Hen.”  The book is primarily a pattern book, but I also found it to be a pleasant read and learning all about each bird’s personalities, their likes and dislikes, and so forth.  It is brilliant of the author to name each bird and give it a bit of personification…it really helps to bring the toy to life for a child, making each bird extra special.

Images courtesy of the author.

Here’s where you can order the book!  

Read on for a special event to meet the author, participate in free workshops, and take a tour of the alpaca farm!

Toft Alpaca Farm, image courtesy of the author

TOFT, a luxury British DIY knitwear and wool company, offers alpaca and wool knitting yarns and knitting and crochet sets is based in the Toft Alpaca Shop. They have a herd of 200 alpacas and hosts various craft workshops, plus a coffee shop…doesn’t that sound like the most amazing place?!?

The Toft Alpaca Shop and Coffee Shop, image courtesy of the author

If you are going to be in the UK this Friday, August 28th, there will be a special event to meet the author of Edward’s Menagerie, Kerry Lord, plus fun workshops and a tour of the alpaca farm too!  Click here to learn more about the event, directions, times of the different workshops and lots more. (free, RSVP required)

Happy crocheting lovelies!

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