How To Make A Quick T-Shirt Yarn Braided Headband

After making the crochet T-Shirt Yarn Coasters and the Flower Headband, I had a little bit of t-shirt yarn left….just enough to make this cute headband!  This lightning fast headband is perfect for wearing by the pool, working out, or to keep your hair off your face at the beach too.  Made in just a few minutes, they are great to have on hand and a great project to do with the kids!

What you’ll need:

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How to make the headband:

  • Line up the ends with a couple of inch allowance and tape down.
  • Braid the headband until it is a little less than the circumference of the head (this will give it a nice snug fit and keep it in place)
  • After braiding tie both ends into a knot and pull tightly.
  • Trim ends and your headband is ready to wear!

Click below to watch a full video tutorial on how to make the headband too:

Learn how to make t-shirt yarn with this video:

Happy crocheting lovelies!

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